Health Concern of French Bulldog Breed - Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-04
Health Concern of French Bulldog Breed - Essay Sample
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The seller and the list buyer desire to enter into this memorandum of understanding concerning their seller agreement to purchase the mentioned French bulldog. The purpose of this memo is to set forth the present intention of the parties and to inform both parties of health concern need to be watched for French bulldog as part of in the final sale contract and guaranteed to be entered into between the seller and the buyer (Sales Contract and Contract agreement). Therefore, the purpose of the memo is to articulate common health concern that usually makes French bulldogs more vulnerable than other dogs that both involved parties in the purchase of this breed of dogs need to regarding the health concern that they need to watch for before transferring/ accepting ownership of French bulldog that is set to be sold. Under the 1991 act of breeding and selling, it needs a company that deals with selling and buying to check and monitor the French bulldog for any health concerns before acquiring a local authority license.

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General Health Information

There is a consensus amongst the canine genetic veterinary practitioners and genetic researchers that the health concern described herein has a substantial incidence and impact on the French bulldog breed. These health concerns make this breed to be more vulnerable to risk than other dogs. These health concerns have been the source of several complaints from the buyers of this breed of dog. Therefore, it makes it essential to describe the most common health concern observed in French Bulldogs.

Dental Disease

Dental disease is the most prevalent chronic disorder amongst the French bulldog breed, affecting almost 80% of all dogs breed at two. The French bulldog is most probably than other dogs breed to develop a problem with their teeth. The disease usually begins with tartar forming on the teeth and grows to the teeth' roots and gums. If the disease is not screened and prevented or treated, the French Bulldog will lose her teeth and risk her kidneys from failing to function normally. Other organs that may be affected are the heart, liver, and joints. What is worse is that the French Bulldog life may be cut short by one to three years.

French Bulldogs are prone to viral and bacterial infections. Several of these infections are preventable through vaccination that can be suggested based on the diseases observed in her age locality.

Obesity, Back and Spine

French Bulldogs are highly affected by obesity. Obesity can worsen or cause severe joints problems, digestive disorders, heart diseases, back pain, and metabolic disorders.

The French bulldog is vulnerable to an assortment of the back, spinal, and disk disease and disorders; such problems led to conditions such as chondrodysplasia and hemivertebrae that can be viewed on an X-ray for further treatment.

Eye Problem

Unlike other breeds, French bulldog inclines to have eye issues. Some of the common eye problems are everted third eyelid, cherry eye. Other conditions the French bulldog encounters are corneal ulcers, glaucoma, retinal fold dysplasia, and juvenile cataracts. The problem can be noticed by screening prospective breeding candidates through the Canine Eye Registration Foundation to assist in these diseases.

Brachycephalic airway obstructive syndrome causes this breed of dogs to have several side effects that relate to difficulty breathing, comprising loud breathing and snoring. It occurs in French bulldogs because they have a narrow nose and narrow tracheas. The disease can lead to the dog's death if it is not screened and treated earlier enough.


One of the best things an owner of a French bulldog is to have her spayed. In a female, this implies surgically removing the ovaries and usually the uterus, and in males, it entails surgically removing the testicles. Spaying or neutering usually minimizes certain types of cancers and decreases the possibility of a French dog becoming pregnant or fathering unwanted puppies. Conducting this surgery offers the owner a chance to recognize and solve some of the diseases the dog is likely to develop while their pet is under anesthesia. For instance, if the dog needs hip x-rays or a puppy tooth eliminated, this would be a good time. This is suitable for the owner. Before surgery, periodic blood testing also helps the company identify and take precautions for common problems that appreciate anesthetic or surgical risk.

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