Multiple Sclerosis and Fitness, Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-20
Multiple Sclerosis and Fitness, Essay Example
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Response to Question (a)

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There are various ways through which the people with physical limitations can overcome barriers. First, society should accept that the physical disabilities are not incapable of achieving success, but they can for in different ways. As such, there is great need of developing great opportunities for the disables throughout their lifetime. To overcome the limitation, the physically challenged people can engage in customized physical education, engage in mandatory modules on adapted or inclusive physical activity, participate in disability awareness programs among many more others. Paralympics plays an important role in ensuring that physical limitations are overcome. Some of their roles include; providing strategies which enable the respect of the special needs of the physically limited persons, creating awareness campaigns through the training, supporting the Special Needs of Assistants and ensuring that the physically limited persons participate in Paralympics to showcase their unique skills.

Response Question (b)

My choice is Multiple sclerosis (MS). It is a disabling disease that affects the spinal cord and the brain (central nervous system). Ideally, the disease targets and attacks the immune system and mylin whose major role is to cover the nervous system and facilitates the communication between the body and the brain. The affected persons have communication problems and in a sense are paralyzed and cannot engage in some activities. There are physical activities for the people affected by multiple sclerosis, and the common one includes endurance and strength which make good use of the resistance to challenge muscles and flexibility; body awareness and relaxation; cardiovascular exercise and the range of motion.

Response Question (c)

A brief overview of Multiple sclerosis

From the comprehensive information on the video, it is evident multiple sclerosis (MS) starts in two general ways; with gradual progression and relapses attacks. The person suffering from relapsing will develop episodes which typically worsen over a long period, leading to the disability of the affected person. The most important lessons learned from the people affected by the MS include the health and fitness. It's undeniable that the MS physical limited person who participates in MS gains more strength and energy whenever they participate in sports. As such, they will fight diseases which are interrelated the issue in a natural way. The activity also boosts their creativity and ensures that they become creative members of the community. Lastly, the activity boosts their self-image and feeling that they are part of the members of society.

Response Question (d)

An important aspect of making a fitness center accessible

Fitness facilities have a greater potential to serving as a hub of 'health enhancement' for underprivileged members of the society especially the physical/mobility disabilities where their ability to get out on a day to day basis becomes an option due to safety or mobility issues. As such, there is a great need of encouraging the owners and those who are operating in the fitness facility to boost the accessibility issue. The programs should be designed in a way that it covers the needs for those who are suffering from the physical challenges. Such aspect can be achieved through purchasing of special instruments, doing non-parametric tests, facility affiliation, raw scores massively converted into scaled scores. In the end, the rights of the physically handicapped people will be met, and they will feel that irrespective of their situation, they care for the larger society.


Calder, H. (2010). Measurement properties of instruments that assess inclusive access to fitness and recreational sports centers: A systematic review Disabil Health Journal

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