Essay Sample Describing Greg Morton's Leadership

Published: 2022-08-30
Essay Sample Describing Greg Morton's Leadership
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Greg Morton the Chief Executive Officer at Next Concept Human Resource Association (NCHRA) is a perfect example of not only a transformative leader but also a transactional and a charismatic one. Morton's view on sexual harassment can be used to define stand in practical and ethical leadership which mainly focuses on future orientation by the setting of high ethical standards and as individuals lead by example by showing and exercising in accordance to the set standards. Morton was honest about sexual harassment by stating that it should be made a priority by leaders to ensure that there is respect in the workplaces especially for women who become victims of sexual harassment in most cases.

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The #Me Too Movement led to each company to assess the extent of sexual harassment in their workplace to ensure business viability and continuity (Ave, 2018). Morton agrees that through open dialogues and communication between leaders and the juniors in attempts to bring diversity the solution to sexual harassment is possible. According to him, the human resource may not provide the entire solution, but together with everyone in the job functions solution as the whole is attainable. Illustration of Morton's contemporary leadership skills is through the response he gives that through leaders owning the issue they can aid the process to fight against sexual harassment thus providing suitable working employments for all the employees. Morton agrees that the leaders should be held accountable and all personnel advised to talk once a problem occurs before it grown and the culprits held responsible for their acts.

Morton's view on sexual harassment as exemplified his quality of practical and ethical consciousness and it also expounds on his use of transformational, transactional, and servant leadership styles (Mihelic et al., 2010). I also believe he employs Bureaucratic leadership style because through holding people responsible for the sexual harassment act is a regulation. Morton before concluding, however, gives the staffs a chance to participate in an interview thus employing the democratic style of leadership as well. Through accepting that leaders need to take charge of curbing sexual harassment, Morton encourages talking of it with other team players thus streamlining things and improving the outcomes and collegiality. Morton's leadership styles are effective beyond reasonable doubts, and that is the most ethical way a leader can act. Morton action helps achieve the association's mission by increasing the stakeholders' confidence by the creation of a favorable working environment for the employees and other stakeholders by the elimination of sexual harassment thus creating value for all the stakeholders. By Morton's conscious leadership a real conscious culture is created in the company which results in growth.

Given the same platform as a leader, I would follow some of Morton's action since they result in an excellent outcome which is the wish of every company. Effectual leadership skills through the incorporation of relevant leadership theories have been my main aim since different leadership methods are of use in different situations and that what I can do in the same scenario. Through leading from the front and exercising excellent communication, I can give my colleagues the chance to give their opinion on what should be done to curb sexual harassment in the workplace. That way achieve the organization's purpose and create a good rapport with the stakeholders through the creation of a conducive environment for transacting business hence maximize on inputs to get increased outputs (Winston &Kathleen, 2006). I can also determine my strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and also gauge the effects of my decisions on the staffs and change when needed thus resulting to the creation of company's principles and values to aid achievement of a conscious culture.

Leadership is not an easy task; however, leaders ought to have several distinct attributes distinguishing them from the followers. Leaders should not only display their leadership skills at work only but everywhere including at home and leisure joints. The problem-solving ability has helped me maneuver in any situation through the employment of the transformational leadership theory which has supported me find the most effective and efficient way of performing tasks. The quality has improved in the reduction in time used to complete tasks hence creating time to accommodate more responsibilities thus increasing the output. I also have always found loving what I am doing the best thing thus helping me find new ways of performing a task differently as a result of self-motivation. I have created good collegiality with my juniors who are parts of the team players hence making myself humanly approachable which has resulted to increased positive outcomes because they do not fear to air their problems, whether work-related or personal. By sharing with others, I have gained ideas and grown new values which have kept me going and achieving whatever I need at the required time. I also have tried to impact those surrounding me and ensure that they attain their goals as well since together we can firmly hold each other arm at the time of need. I believe that everyone is unique and everyone has a particular thing which they can contribute to the wellbeing of their workplace and me thus I value every person. The joy of every leader is to achieve goals and objective which has always been my target and through charisma and democratic leadership styles I have got my things going.


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