Essay Example on Educational Challenges

Published: 2018-02-23
Essay Example on Educational Challenges
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Every occupation and career have their challenges, and it is to the individual to determine the goal he or she has in life. From a young age, I have always had the vision to save humanity and serve my society in every possible way I could. I came to understand that nursing was my ultimate career goal where I would mostly help teenagers and women. Achieving this goal has been my greatest motivation. Every individual has a goal in life, and it is from the urge to realize that purpose that he or she derives and maintains the motivation to engage in each day activities. When I am faced with more demands than I can handle, I always focus on the most wanting cases or the one that has the highest priority. Such organization helps me to be motivated and focused on the right activities.

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Unpredictable moments are always very challenging especially to students who have limited resources. However, understanding what one needs to do is always a means to solve the unexpected as I avoid what is not relevant. In most cases, the unpredictable moments arises due to lack of a plan in life. For this reason, I make sure that I include all demands I am supposed to meet in my activity schedule. One the other hand, my family is very supportive both in my education and my daily activities. They are always ready to help and understand when I fail to meet some of them. However, most of the unpredictable demands I meet are not confusing, and I only need to think right and focus on tackling them according to their priority.

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