Essay Example - Graduate Assistantship

Published: 2023-08-16
Essay Example - Graduate Assistantship
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They say the road is always rough, but I am ready for the journey. My grandfather has dramatically inspired me since I was a kid as he frequently told me the requisite is the mother of invention. My passion and determination to make life easier have made me establish numerous solutions to attempt and simplify daily tasks. I am applying for this graduate assistantship role to hone my administrative and secretarial capabilities and enhance my career.

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While my undergraduate curriculum has provided exposure to a wide range of skills in customer service, I have gained vast knowledge in comparatively few areas. However, I have found the zone in which my ability and curiosity appropriately pair. I have held the Bilingual office assistant position for the last five years at Caitec Delta Limited. The strengths of my current role lie in composing, sending, receiving, and issuing correspondence through letters and emails and answering phone calls while also servicing customers in person.

Having been a Chinese tutor, I am conversant with institution setting. My experiences as a Chinese tutor trained me on how to perform orientations for new students and get student information as well as creating reports. The five months I served as an intern equipped me with knowledge and skills in the practice of tutoring that will be pertinent for this program. I had the chance to network with students around the world and study about other nations. Also, I have developed skills in communication, using Microsoft, software, and social media. My excellent communication skills will help me in establishing a professional network of colleagues and clients. I have utilized these tools to complete research tasks, among other projects. I hope that through this position in a graduate assistantship, I will be capable of advancing my mastery of numerous concepts.

I have an incredible personality through receiving awards for the outstanding contribution to Sage Global Ghana and the Chinese Students Association of Ghana for maintaining adequate records and administration as well as directing guests. These awards define my interest and personality, which I will practice even at Seton Hall. I am ready to follow all the rules and regulations and deliver the best for the welfare of the institution.

I feel motivated to work in a fast-paced and challenging environment. My zeal to learn and get better will ensure that I go above and beyond any responsibilities I may be assigned. I grasp fresh ideas faster and can quickly adjust to new modifications. Further, your graduate assistantship program would allow me to integrate my areas of interest. I am a patient person, thus being able to work under pressure and face all changes in my work. Also, I focus on attaining excellence regardless of the situation. I have believed in setting my objectives high and working hard to meet my goals.

The graduate assistantship opportunity will enable me to improve my administrative and secretarial skills. These aspects will significantly enhance my graduate studies and will offer me a profound comprehension of various concepts needed for continuing in academia. It is also a chance that I will grant my career knowledge and capability to meet international standards. I believe I can make a substantial and determined contribution to the institute while obtaining a significant deal of personal satisfaction. I pursue to become competent to continue to advance my skills through this opportunity for a graduate assistantship.

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