Free Essay on the Vision of a Future Physical Therapist

Published: 2020-03-30 05:38:12
Free Essay on the Vision of a Future Physical Therapist
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A therapist is a part of the healthcare service provider who deals with occupational therapy, speech pathologists among other areas. This specific paper is an analysis of the American Physical Therapy Associations vision in light of the career which Im pursuing. This vision states that there is a role of the profession as whole to optimize movement in order to improve the general standard of living among the American people.

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There is a high number of people involved in accidents every year that affects their mobility. As a result, some of them have suffered mobility-related complications that cause the need for counselling and therapy towards their recovery arise. As such, these people are in desperate need of services that will enable them to live their lives at full potential even despite their injuries either in the course of duty or in the course of their daily activities. With this stated, my specific line of interest would be to become a therapist to a specific group of people who are prone to these kinds of mobility-threatening circumstances, namely members of the disciplined forces more so firemen and members of the Armed Forces.

These particular people face life- and mobility-threatening situations every day and manage to walk out unscathed in most of them. Research shows that as of 2013, there were1 million veterans injured in the course of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, and most of these injuries interfered with the normal functioning of the mobility of the person (Ruiz). The fact that they risk their lives every day to ensure our security as Americans gives me the motivation to go out and ensure that they get the most out of their lives even as they are injured in the line of duty. This is because as these people are on duty, they are actualizing their vision to stay true to the American country in the face of death or worse, and stand. This gives me motivation to ensure that the life of every American is also made better to the extent that they can access their mobility without fear.

This could be seen in training to teach people how to walk with synthetic limbs, how to cope with injuries arising from duty where the limbs are directly affected, coping methods for patients after they have undergone amputation as well as the rehabilitation of strong servicemen who wish to go back to service but have challenges with their mobility. In line with the vision of making the life of every American better, I would say that my passion lies with the disciplined forces because my father was a fireman who lost his mobility. On one instance as he was moving through a burning building in a rescue mission, the floor caved in under him and he was lucky to escape with his legs. After the rigorous work of a physical therapist, my father was able to walk again after 8 months. Even though he couldnt go back to work, he always appreciated that he could always go down to the store to get his groceries.

The story of my father showed me that an accident doesnt have to mean a life of constant immobility if something can be done by someone about it. Indeed, the job offers the person a chance to be satisfied that they have improved the life of a person, just like the vision states.

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