Essay Example - Golden Globes Speech Analysis

Published: 2023-08-14
Essay Example - Golden Globes Speech Analysis
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She returns to the image when she talks of herself in the same capacity and the many girls watching her receive the award.

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She constructs this sentence in a way that grabs the attention of the audience. The way she records the specific events of the day is quite exciting and makes her speech worth listening to.

Oprah Winfrey demonstrates proper use of Pathos in her speech in the way she articulates her emotions in the following three instances.

In her opening part, she talks about Sidney Poiter and the inspiration she got from seeing a celebrated black man. This is entirely emotional and helps her connect to her audience.

The testimony about Recy Taylor and the pain she experienced is emotional and stands to represent the many isolated cases of victims who never lived to see justice.

The robust Rosa Parks story gives an emotional appeal in the way she fails to offer her seat and stands above racial discrimination.

Yes, it is useful because it helps to magnify her theme and connect to many women who have been victims of sexual assault or racial discrimination.

Winfrey flatters the celebrities by recognizing their efforts to make sure that the voices of the victims are heard and the role they are playing to make sure that acts of sexual assault are not witnessed again.

Black is associated with sadness, pain, or grief. The metoo movement aims to highlight events that painted a dark picture on women, and therefore this color sits well to articulate the purpose of the action.

Oprah's central theme is to bring to light some of the many situations that many women have had to face as well as the negative impact of racial discrimination.

One truth I know is that there is always hope, even I the darkest situation. All it takes is not to give up and stand well above the prevailing conditions that make one feel that they are limited to achieve in any way. Some of the most successful people rose from unrecognized societies and towered above immense challenges to rise to great people. The only thing they held dear was the resilience not to give up, and the fierce attitude that they deserved to be the best even when the co-dictate did not dictate so. Winfrey's humble beginnings as a small girl in Milwaukee to a world-known philanthropist and actress demonstrates the power of believing in oneself and holding hope in all situations.

Oprah Winfrey would make a good contender for the Presidential position. The way she puts forward her arguments does not show political inclination but bears the voice of a true leader of the plight that people face. She is subtle in her speech, yet she manages to illuminate some of the silent issues that many women face. Healthily, she directly rebukes the people in power for how they try to prevent the press freedom. Her speech shows that she is not intimidated and only believes in the truth and bringing the people responsible for atrocities to face the rule of law. She also recognizes the efforts of the notable people who have fought for the eradication of sexual abuse and racial discrimination. Her assertion for” a new day is the horizon” demonstrates her capability of a good leader and shows she is equal to the task.

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