Essay example on Getting ready for the World of Work

Published: 2022-11-07
Essay example on Getting ready for the World of Work
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I will desire to take a career in sociology to get prepared for the world of work. I have a believe that sociology opens a window for a variety of careers which prepares individuals to make decisions and solve issues that affect them. With the current 21st century generation, technology is changing due to increasing global innovations that are driven by discoveries and inventions. There is, therefore, need to boost the multicultural and global understanding to view the society from a diverse cultural complexation and nationality. Sociology helps individuals to make sense of the social world and also explore solutions of the social problems that have existed in society for a long time. Therefore, advancement with the career helps scholars to work cooperatively with people in society and effectively solving social problems.

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There is a pathway for the career that interlinks sociologists with the systematic and scientific study of social structures, human relations, the personality of individuals and the study of social realities. Classical and contemporary sociological theories provide an understanding for individuals to explore common social problems, what causes them and the appropriate solutions that can be used to address them. Social theories help to develop analytical skills that transition an individual's way of thinking and perception. They get to see how the problems experienced emanate from society and not directly from people. For example, if one is an alcoholic, the issues cannot be said to come to the person but how the society restrains the person from accessing resources that will assist to reduce stress.

The career of sociology is suitable for my profession because the skills I have acquired are uniquely suited for the transition and change experienced in society today. In sociology, every study gives practical answers that foster change and social transformation in society. For instance, through the sociological theories, it is easy to understand the behavior of humans and the frustrating habits that result from day to day interactions. Social stratification, for instance, categorizes people according to their class hence creating problems when it comes to working mobility and distribution of resources. Consequently, interactions through social institutions give a complete awareness of different cultures that are comprised in the societal dogma. Sociological theories depict that society is in a whole state of influx and individuals need every institution for social order and harmony to be achieved.

My village experiences poor and needy cases which contribute to social problems seen in today's world. I am, therefore, suitable for my career for the fact that it will rehabilitate and develop management mechanisms to safe people from the conditions. The profession has made my socialization easy as it describes the ways of life, societal norms, and expectations. I can be able to accept any society's beliefs concerning society's values through interactions. Through socialization, individuals in the community learn about the material culture, symbolic communication, and non-material culture. The type of interaction helps individuals to understand one another in all stages of development that is, from childhood to adulthood.

I am preparing for the sociology career through the volunteer programs within my village. There are needy and poor children who need rehabilitation and enlightenment so that they can understand that everyone can change the world despite the standards of living. Everyone was born a winner, and therefore, there are no restrictions to entering into different professions in the world. The only differentiation comes from the availability of opportunities which are important determinants to access various resources. The influence of the study of sociology comes from the intimate understanding and care of people in my society. To be there for the people is like a calling and there is no guarantee for inspiration by a group. However, in some cases, one can be inspired by a parent, mentor or someone who portrays good characteristics to society.

Sociology will help me become an adult and prepare for my future including but not limited to work in the world. Through the study, acquisition of analytical knowledge will help me to become an expert in problems solving and communication skills especially when problems come up from society. This is through the development of ethnic diversity and cultural perspectives that hasten in-depth experience and understanding of different people regardless of cultural origin. Consequently, it will be easy to solve significant challenges such as environmental sustainability, human rights and community development which result in social disorder if left unaddressed.

In conclusion, individual's development progresses through lifespan stages which require interaction, socialization and learning to fit the external world. Careers also prepare individuals to showcase the knowledge they get from the external world and then apply it to empower, steer, and transform people to solutions that provide light for their challenges. They can, therefore, be able to solve problems on their own and make decisions such as collaborating with others to suggest effective societal social problem solutions.

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