Should Custom Call Services switch to a PTO policy? Essay Sample

Published: 2023-04-12
Should Custom Call Services switch to a PTO policy? Essay Sample
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The Custom Call Services need to shift to the integrated paid time off due to the issues that arose from the old plan. However, Stan should be equipped with a comprehensive analysis of how the new plan works (Clerk, 2015). A perfect comprehension of the implementation assists in minimization of administrative burden, unscheduled absenteeism, boosts morale as well as grants a competitive advantage. Switching to paid time off has its associated pros and cons.

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Empowerment of Employees. Implementation of PTO simplifies the processes for seeking permission contrary to offering a detailed explanation to employers who will have the choice of denying or granting permission to employees (Clerk, 2015).

It creates an Appealing Company. Most employees view PTO offering as a way of enhancing the balance of their work life. Employees usually view the lump sum of PTO as an added bonus from the company since most of them do not utilize all their sick days (Clerk, 2015).


Can Promote More Days off than Ever Before. Healthier employees who might not have utilized the sick days on working days may decide to take the initiative of making use of those days for extra time off the office (Clerk, 2015).

Can Make Employees to Report to Work While Sick. Once employees have exhausted all their sick days, they may find themselves forced to report to work even if they are sick. This may, in turn, lower the production level (Clerk, 2015).

If Custom Call Services does the transition to a PTO policy, what are some things that Stan should consider including in the policy to address concerns about absenteeism? What provision should he put in place regarding unscheduled absences?

While transitioning to PTO, Stan should consider addressing the concern for absenteeism but taking keen consideration of various aspects of the organization. Some of the crucial considerations to be undertaken include the size of the organization, the type of work, as well as the hiring competition (Clerk, 2015).

Depending on the structure and culture of the Custom Call Service, the design of the PTO can have various facets. It may be challenging granting an employee extra days off the work for being sick or other things (Clerk, 2015). While transitioning to PTO, the management has to consider limiting the number of days and encouraging employees to make prior notices.

Do you think this policy will make the problem with unscheduled absences better or worse? Why?

Implementing a PTO policy can significantly address the problem of unscheduled time. This is because employees will always give the management prior notice for being absent hence helping it in making an appropriate schedule for that case (Clerk, 2015).


Clerk, J. (2015). Vacation benefits and paid time off banks, 2015 (1st ed., p. 405). International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans.

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