Get Abstract's Summary of Power and Influence - Book Review Essay Sample

Published: 2022-06-10
Get Abstract's Summary of Power and Influence - Book Review Essay Sample
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The Get Abstract's summary of the book Power and Influence by Robert Dilenschneider explores the applicability of an increased influence or dominance over others and acquisition of power. The book provides an overview of the principles that surround cultural positioning, perspectives, human interaction, strategy and social awareness. It is also an analysis of the suitability of the traditional ethics and courtesy in the current contemporary society. The author of the book gives his account based on experience on what one has to do to be successful, maximize individual influence and powers and the right kind of treatment to other people. According to Dilenschneider, things have changed and the only way to conform to the changes is to have new rules with respect to power, influence and ethics.

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The book is very relevant to this week's reading on Power and Influence. It is an analysis of some of the tactics of influence over others although based on personal thoughts of the author. It also provides a different angle of looking at the key bases of power also captured in this week reading on power and its basic forms (Dilenschneider, 2007). The author confirms our reading on the effective ways of influencing others people through principles such as going overboard, being innovative and connecting to new rules among others. It is also relevant in terms of the application of the principles of power and influence in the management of businesses or organizations. It applies some of the principles in the reading such as principles of persuasion to management.

What I learnt from the Get Abstract summary page of this particular book is that the only way to succeed is to build a leadership personality that not only makes one have power and influence over others but also apply ethics in all aspects. This means one will have to seize an opportunity in the midst of several crises, focus on strength, widen his/her network, be humble and search for power. I have learnt leaders or managers will have to adapt to the new rules and changes that have come along in the current age. Adaptation is inevitable and is what ensures acceleration. Most of the changes that have affected the general concept of power and influence are based on technological advancement such as information sharing.

The book has examined several concepts. One of these concepts is the description of power and influence based on the changing world. Power is discussed in relations to the principles that govern the acquisition and use of power. Another key concept discussed is Atrophy; it is a concept that embodies adaptation, acceptance and acceleration. The term is used to analyze flexibility of people to change with new changes and move on. Another concept that is analyzed in the book is professional values such as humility, persistence and commitment among. Professional values are very important in maintaining a high professional character in the endeavours of management. Other concepts covered in this book include power-sharing, ethics, technological advancement and the principles of new developments.

In my view, the author of this book is very instrumental in how he argues out his points and claims. I also tend to share the same sentiments with him that acquisition of power plays a critical role in influencing other people. Any reader going through this book gets an in-depth knowledge of the principles that govern the acquisition of power, how to use to influence others and the ethical aspect that surrounds power. However, I also agree with the Get Abstract summary recommendation of this book that has the notion most of the author's rules are not new and are actually old. Some of the things this author perceives as new rules because of the changing world are at the fingerprints of most professionals who are very aware of them. They include adaptation to new technologies and modernization.

Most of the concepts covered in Dilenschneider's book have a wide range of application. There is no doubt that ethics is applicable to all professions. It governs the conduct of workers at the workplaces or even people at the homes. Power and influence are utilized in close to all daily activities. These applications may include in business, making sales or even in customer persuasion. Power and influence are mostly relevant in management and practising a high level of leadership. Leaders that are able to use major principles of acquiring power can easily influence their seniors or subjects. These concepts are what also characterize a morally upright manager or leader with traits such as humility, persistence, commitment and acceptance.


The Get Abstract Summary of Dilenschneider's book provides a good analysis or summary of the Power and Influence. The author through this makes substantial arguments on what he considers as the key principles of the Power and Influence. The author has also analyzed important concepts that are not only related to our weekly reading but has a wide range of applicability as examined in this paper.

Work cited

Dilenschneider, R. L. (2007). Power and influence: The rules have changed. McGraw Hill Professional.

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