Short Essay Questions in Sports, Paper Sample

Published: 2019-09-16
Short Essay Questions in Sports, Paper Sample
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The Process of Blood Flow

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How does blood flow through the heart? Blood flows into the heart through two large veins and leaves the heart through arteries after the oxygenation process. This essay will explain the process of blood flow in an orderly and detailed manner.

After the oxygenated blood flows back into the heart, the blood enters the heart through the Vena Cava and empties the de-oxygenated blood from the body. The de-oxygenated blood is emptied at the right atrium and as the atrium contracts; the blood is pushed into the right ventricle when the tricuspid valve opens. After the blood passes through the Tricuspid valve, the valve shuts to prevent backflow into the atria due to the ventricle contractions. At this point; the blood is still de-oxygenated as is flowing towards the lungs to be refilled with oxygen. Due to the contractions of the ventricle, the blood flows out of the heart through the pulmonic valve into the pulmonary artery. From the artery, the blood now enters the lungs and is oxygenated once again. Note that this flow takes place on the right side of the heart.

In the left side of the heart, the pulmonary vein empties the rich blood from the lungs and forwards it into the left atrium. The blood then passes through the mitral valve and enters the left ventricle. Note that after blood passes through a valve, the valve shuts to prevent backflow of the blood. As the left ventricle contracts, it increases the blood momentum and forwards it to the aortic valve which then forwards it to the main artery (Aorta). The oxygenated blood leaves the heart through this artery and is distributed to all the body cells. Note that this flow begins from the embryonic stage when the heart starts to beat and repeats itself sixty times a minute until the death of an individual.


Understanding Football

Has football impacted your life? This is a social issue that is commonly asked by many people. Football mostly impacts our lives on a positive note and improves our social activities. This essay will explain five ways and give illustrations on how football impacts lives.

Football helps to reduce the crime rate in our societies at a high rate. In areas where people live in poverty; individuals, especially the youths, tend to be idle and often engage in criminal activities to fetch for themselves. However, football helps to occupy such people and keep them from engaging in illegal activities hence transforming them in a better way. Football contributes a significant assistance to charity organizations and helps to uplift the living standards of many people. For instance, the big international football clubs earn a lot of money from selling their football merchandises and a part of these incomes is channeled to the charity organizations. Football improves our social interaction and enhances healthy relationships. Often, football matches are played in big arenas that are full of fans. These fans get a chance to meet diverse people and learn each others lifestyles.

Football provides social entertainment to people and enhances businesses. Have you ever visited an entertainment joint mostly on a weekend? If yes, probably you have observed how football fans wait for their favorite teams to play. Lastly, football helps to boost human health. For instance; during a football match, the fans are quite an active cheering for their favorite teams hence they get relieved of stress. Apparently, football has both pros and cons, but the pros of football outweigh the cons hence making the sport one to be embraced in our communities. Therefore, let's embrace the sport for a better life.


Modern Baseball

The following are two competitive baseball teams playing at the national level and will weigh their strengths to separate the boys from men. St. Louis Cardinal and Pittsburgh Pirattes will be battling it out for the 2016 National Baseball semi-finals to determine who will proceed to the next level. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

On the left side, we see the famous Cardinals ready to showcase their might in baseball. The squad for today is comprised of Jordan Walden (pitcher), Ken Peters (outfielder), Matt Carpenter (outfielder), Charlie Tilson (infielder), Aledmyz Diaz (infielder), Jeremy Hazel Baker (outfielder), and the very able man, Stephen Piscotty (pitcher). On the right side are the Pirattes ready to give the Cardinals a run for their money. I see an equally gifted man Gerrit Cole (pitcher), John Holdzkom (infielder), Jordy Mercer (infielder), John Jaso (infielder), Ryan Vogelsong (pitcher), Cole Figueroa (infielder), and the notable black Josh Harrison (infielder).

The Cardinals are currently on top of the table with impressive points going fifteen games unbeaten out of the sixteen games they have played and have only drawn once with the NY Yankees. Also, Jordan Walden is among the top pitchers with excellent performances for the past three seasons. If the Pirrates get to beat them today, they will break the title of the unbeaten Cardinals. The Pirrates are also in a good position on the table standing at number three after the Chicago Sox. They have won ten matches out of the seventeen games so far. They have lost two matches and drew in five matches. Gerrit Cole is also a controversial baseball player and an excellently talented one for that matter. He has played baseball since his early teenage years and has been awarded numerous trophies. Let's see if he adds one more trophy to his cabinet.


Baseball History

The history of this popular sport can be traced back to the eighteenth century when armatures played a baseball-like game. It was later improvised and became a sport that is currently embraced by the majority of American people and the global community. Abner Doubleday cannot be credited for the invention of baseball as the sport came as a result of few armatures enjoying a simple game that was played like baseball. Apparently, the game did not involve any rules. However, Abner earns himself credit for been a part of the few people who improvised this great sport and made it what it is today.

Jackie Robinson contributions to baseball were significant because, in the year 1947, he made history by breaking baseball color barrier and managed to scoop the National League Rookie of the year in his first baseball season. He also assisted the Brooklyn Dodgers to win the National League Championship and paved a better chance for the African-American people to thrive in the sport. His success enhanced the professionalism in sports integrations not only in baseball but other sports as well. These were major contributions and are highly appreciated by diverse sports lovers across the world.

The hall of fame comprised of mainly four finest baseball players in a class of 1936 baseball champions. These players were Babe Ruth (infielder-NY Yankees, 1914-1935), Ty Cobb (catcher-Detroit Tigers, 1905-1928), Christy Mathewson (pitcher-NY Giants, 1900-1916), and Walter Johnson (pitcher-Washington Senators, 1907-1927). Babe Ruth amused the baseball fraternity when he drunk punch made by Chicago Sox fanatics and dominated the game the following day. After an excellent performance, he asked the Sox fans for the second round of drinks take place. Probably, the Sox fans expected him to miss the most anticipated match.

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