Free Essay - Geriatric Windshield Survey Table

Published: 2023-08-27
Free Essay - Geriatric Windshield Survey Table
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Based on the data collected from the objective information found in the step one and two of the Geriatric Windshield papers, I managed to formulate three essential factors that needed for me to maintain and promote wellness and general well-being. The three primary factors include Essentials, Healthcare, and community wellness. Hence, the paper discusses the three factors that have been identified from the perspective of an older adult and also uses the information to evaluate my neighborhood.

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The category of essentials is comprised of elements such as access to food, clean and safe water, grocery stores, and a pharmacy capable of providing the critically needed medicine to support health. In Austin, Texas, traffic jams are a common problem, and navigation around the town using a motor vehicle is stressful and dangerous. Older adults find it challenging to drive on busy highways and roads, and accessing places of interest as an older adult may be difficult. However, based on where I reside, it easy to access grocery stores and pharmacies while avoiding congested roads or busy highways. The pharmacy and grocery stores are within a two-mile radius, and in the event, I am unable to go to the stores rely on delivery services. The delivery services are broad and include curbside pick, door delivery, and drive through access.

I regard to the healthcare category; it comprises of factors such as access to medicine, access to healthcare professionals, and access to treatment and education from healthcare providers (Naik et al. 2016). The care providers include primary care physicians, doctors of various specialties (including the vet), and health follow-up locations. Though my health is okay, apart from suffering from high blood pressure, it is important to have access to healthcare professionals because older adults have a vulnerable health system. Hence, it is essential to take the necessary precautions and steps to maintain functional, physical, and mental health. For instance, it is essential to go for annual check-ups and returning for scheduled follow-ups. The challenges encountered during access to treatment and healthcare givers include transportation, communication between corresponding sites, and delays in treatment because of the statewide closures due to coronavirus (Naik et al. 2016). However, my healthcare needs can be met without having to travel over a mile from my home since the medical district hospital, and medical offices are located within the area. Simultaneously, my dog’s vet and pet store are also located within a mile and near the hospital in essential stores.

In the third category, community wellnesses, a host of different factors are needed to function in tandem. Unlike the other two categories, community wellness focuses on things that are not basic needs; however, they are critical for optimal living. Community wellness includes access to public transportation, emergency services, the layout of environmental settings, and social gathering activities.


With the current technological innovations and advancements, one can easily order transportation from their phones anywhere they are using mobile apps such as Uber or Lyft. Yet, as an older adult with an unlimited pocketbook, I always prefer to use the public bus system since I get to interact with different people and see the world from the eyes of the youth. When using the bus, to get to the nearest public transit, one has to cross the street, which is usually busy and heavy traffic. After crossing the street, I would then walk for about ten minutes, which is often risky due to the risk of fall, risk of getting knocked by moving cars, and the scorching sun.

Environmental Surroundings

The environment setting around where I reside wonderfully and has beautiful walking trails, dogs, and human parks where people get to hang around. I enjoy walking on the walking trails since they have been well constructed and are not slippery, and hence helps me to maintain fitness and health. The trails near my apartment show no differentiation as they all look incredibly similar enough where getting glost is not uncommon. The streets and sidewalks are in excellent condition and convenient for use even for people using wheelchairs. However but in certain areas, there are inclines between pavements slabs and boardwalks that are still under construction, which may increase the risk of falling, and to avoid falling, most older adults walk on the grass or the street near the flow of traffic.

City Services

In Austin, emergency services include the police, emergency response services, and fire response services. Although they are three entities, there is no differentiating way of obtaining service. Both the police department and fire service are located within 1.5 miles from my apartment, while the nearest EMS station is more than eight miles away. However, the hospital is within 0.7 miles radius; the EMS is stationed at the hospital to respond to any emergency event.

Community Activities

In Austin, there are numerous activities that older adults can engage in to keep them fit. The Austin Parks and Recreation Department provide several programs and services for older adults. The activities include traveling, engaging in old hobbies, meeting new people, becoming and staying fit, and contributing to the community. Also, the YMCA of Austin helps older adults to stay healthy and fit. Engaging various activities is vital for older adults to avoid the development of certain diseases associated with loneliness, such as anxiety, depression, and thoughts of -self-harm. Community centers provide a sense of purpose, aid in the formation of learning, relationship building, and help in support well-being. Besides, places of worship offer use and promote social interaction, which is necessary for human beings.

Crime in the community

Conferring to the 2018 annual Austin Police Department report, the number of all Part I Index crimes in Austin stood at 37375. The figure marked a seven percent increase in the rate of crime compared to 35033 recorded in 2017. According to the report, the crime rate per 100,000 residents stood at 3840 in 2018 (Austin Police Department, 2018). Although the crime rate is not absurd, the most common forms of crime include robbery and theft. Hence, to avoid being victims of such crimes, a person needs to be careful and maintain a strong sense of situational awareness. Being a senior citizen, it easier to be a target for criminals, and precautions I need to take include not leaving the house when it is late and utilize locks routinely.

Assistance in the community

There are community services not mentioned, however, are important, especially when I am unable to ambulate from my home effectively. The first services include nursing homes, which are essential for older adults who are unable to take care of themselves due to old age or old age diseases. The second service is meal programs and meal delivery services such as Meal on Wheels and HOPE program, which offers case management services to individuals enrolled in the Meals on Wheels program (Meals on Wheels Central Texas, 2020). Every recipient has access to one hot meal every day of the week and may have the option of receiving supplemental frozen meals for the weekend at reasonably low prices.

To conclude, the windshield paper has provided an insight into the common problems the older adults’ experience and the unique needs of this population require daily. The older adults need to access grocery shops, pharmacy, and access to care providers in addition to maintain physical and mental well-being. Understanding the life of older adults offers useful knowledge that can be used to revise past beliefs on this vulnerable population and improve y nursing skills.


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