Essay Example. The New York Nurses Association's Position on Abortion

Published: 2023-03-30
Essay Example. The New York Nurses Association's Position on Abortion
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Dear Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights

The general intention of the New York Nurses Association's (NYN) position on abortion is in response to the increase of the legislative activities that surround abortion policies. There has been a request from the nursing community concerning the responsibilities and the rights of their patients concerning the issue of abortion. NYN through me as their secretary-general and the nursing practice department continues to research the effects of legalizing abortion. The association reaffirms the position of the rights of the mother to decide whether or not they should keep the baby they are carrying despite their religious or social beliefs. In a situation where a teenage girl gets pregnant and is neither physically nor psychologically ready to take care of a kid, then they should have the right to choose not to keep the baby (Assifi, Berger, Tuncalp, Khosla & Ganatra, 2016). In a situation where a woman gets pregnant via being raped, assuming by a relative that woman has the right to decide what to do with the pregnancy and society should back off and let her make a choice.

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The woman is empowered as they can exercise control over their bodies. It is entirely the choice of a woman whether or not they want to have children. In the year 1973, the United States Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade ruled that a woman has a right to access safe and legal abortion as part of her constitutional right (Uerling, 2006). Women should be taken as a person and not as an object of for the fetus. We should give them appropriate rights to choose what they want to do with their unborn. If the state cannot protect the right to legal abortion, we will put the lives of women in danger because we will subject them to illegal abortion procedures that can endanger their lives. If legal abortion is prohibited, people with low income will be faced with danger because they will attempt dangerous abortion procedures carried out on their own

However, not everyone will support our move to protect mothers who want to carry out a legal abortion. Some will argue that abortion does not free women and it takes away opportunities from women not to receive support from society. They say that for women to achieve equal rights, they should be given what they need to progress socially and financially and not free access to abortion ("BBC - Ethics - Abortion: Future like ours," n.d). The pro-lifers have also argued with their slogans such as abortion stops a beating heart. The gruesome imagery that the pro-lifers use to describe abortion is untrue and highly exaggerated. After the second wave of feminism, motherhood was used to dehumanize the woman and humanize the fetus. The mother was referred to as a vessel that is carrying a human life. Pro-lifers, however, did not consider that those are two human lives that are interdependent, and one sometimes poses a risk to the life of the other. Pro-lifers do not think of situations where the fetus is putting its mother at risk.


Our stand and recommendations as an association on the rights of a mother include the fact that they should have a right to decide if they will bear a child and the law should protect them in case they choose to have a legal abortion. The patients who will choose a legal abortion should be allowed to have a right to receive care both mental and physical from a professional. Additionally, the law should protect them from any imposition of what others believe. Also, they should be provided with counseling in a friendly environment where there is mutual trust and their care being personalized to fit their abortion needs during and after the abortion process. The right to privacy should be paramount; the process should be carried out in an environment that does not compromise their privacy while receiving specific nursing expertise.


In conclusion, we can see that there is a need to provide safe and legal abortion. Protecting the right of a person who is going through the process of legal abortion is crucial. This ensures that they receive protection from any kind of prejudice and that their right to privacy is observed. Generally, the choice should be left to the individual and the law should protect that under human rights. From the above recommendations, the rights of a person who wants to carry out a legal abortion should be protected and supported within the law and the framework provided by the New York Nurses Association.

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