Free Essay Example - Gender Imbalance

Published: 2023-02-10
Free Essay Example - Gender Imbalance
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Categories:  Women Gender Discrimination Feminism
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1. Gender imbalance or business is a critical issue addressed to bring out masculinity in feminism. The oppression portrayed on females to act and behave as male occupations.

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Yes, thesis statement can be developed throughout the paper, it is because the scope of Miss Congeniality has maintained its theme of masculinity character portrayed in females.

The expectations are that the females sometimes may occupy male occupations and still best; however, some objects are hindering them due to their feminism nature and that should be put in writing too.

It's quite often that females in soldiers and FBI services do better. However, some of them find themselves overdoing it more oppressively compared to men. Thesis statement only show the positive effect and therefore it should state, masculinity practice by females and its impacts.

Yes, thesis focuses on what is asked, however it is not much deep to the details of effects. The author should explore other factors such as environmental factors and social factors other than dwelling on military factor of masculinity by females.

2. Basically, the chronological flow of the point is well arranged. However the effects have not been brought clearly. Comparison too has not been critically expressed to show out the masculinity by females as well as that of male. The logics used is analytical strategy of military practice by females.

3. No, there is no any holes in the outline. It clearly focuses on the masculinity feminism. In addition the author should only stress on effects and other factors of that may influence masculinity by females.

4 Yes, all points are supported in two aspects, and they are clearly brought out to the end. The discussion also need to incorporate the positive and negative side of the point and it should not only dwell on one side.

5. No, there is no logical transition between ideas. The analysis does not link ideologies and reality. Different environmental factors, as well as others that influence female to behave and act in line to men, are not clearly established. It only puts down the fact alone.

6. The author's outline does not prove the thesis, but it all explains is its happening. In the case, it tries to show how masculinity is enacted in females without clear search of what drives them in doing muscular activities.

7. Miss Congeniality's outline only summarizes the results of the manhood in feminism rather than giving an argumentation discussion. The discussion is held in open ended way to allow or provide inner thought that will leave the learner or reader in an open conscious to critics.

8. The framework is represented in APA format. It has been portrayed in referencing styles and page citation. It's quite recommendable.

9. To improve the paper score, the author should incorporate variety of the masculinity occupations as well as variety of impacts as a results female's engagement.

10. The paper has expounded on the sarcastic bit of life that has taught me, also women can do better on male's occupation tasks without many constraints.


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