Education Essay Sample: Transfer to University of Massachusetts, Boston

Published: 2019-04-17
Education Essay Sample: Transfer to University of Massachusetts, Boston
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Attaining a degree in Management Major BS

Attaining a degree in Management Major BS is among my short term goals. Learning in an institution with hard-working and ambitious students will motivate me to work towards the success of being an executive of a well-known organization. In my case, University of Massachusetts Boston is the ideal institution. I am passionate about entrepreneurship where I can come up with new ideas that are a solution to the problems currently facing individuals. I believe the skills I will acquire will model me into a productive person in the future. The university's emphasis on teamwork is in line with my nature of listening to other people's opinion before coming up with a solution as it encourages critical thinking and long-term solutions. Studying at the University of Massachusetts Boston will give me the opportunity to interact and learn from instructors who are respected for their input in the society. I would like to take classes in International Management Concentration and Leadership and Organizational Change Concentration which I find fascinating. Moreover, I am interested in participating in research projects where I can analyze data and identify problems and seek ways of solving them.

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Studying at Pine Manor College has made me challenge myself to work towards greater achievements in my life. I have learned how to be disciplined regarding sticking to the choices I make. I have also had the chance to interact with people with different ideas and beliefs. However, my choice to seek a transfer is to study in an institution which offers more courses than Pine Manor College. I also feel the University of Massachusetts Boston is more suitable for me since it has a well-defined College of Management. I like taking up leadership positions in different situations which give me the chance to make decisions which I am accountable for. I gain an interest in situations which call, for resource allocation where there are limited resources as they challenge me to think critically. I spend a part of my free time observing people and trying to make sense for a reason behind the decisions they make.

The diversity of students and instructors and the excellent research facilities have always made University of Massachusetts Boston the institution of my choice. There are well-equipped computer labs and other research facilities that are exciting to use. The students at the university are also from diverse cultures which present one an opportunity to learn about different ways of living. Moreover, the diversity of cultures encourages proper solutions as one can select the best aspects of problem-solving from the diverse cultural practices. Learning at the University of Massachusetts Boston will also give me the satisfaction of attaining my qualifications from an institution that is globally recognized for academic prosperity. Apart from the school life, I will get the chance to participate in co-curriculum activities such as sports which I enjoy. My desire to join this institution is driven by the quality of education offered to its students. Studying at the University of Massachusetts Boson will instill values of integrity, professionalism, and efficiency in me. This is the university I need to be in as it is in line with my goals as an individual; which is to be a productive person who brings change to the society.

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