Free Essay: Severe Disability and Its Influence on Family

Published: 2022-03-14
Free Essay: Severe Disability and Its Influence on Family
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The occurrence of severe disability at times focuses on all the family's emotional resources on the individual who has gone through the injury. In most cases, this focus is significant in containing the fallout from the injury and in stabilizing the total family system. However, for the families to make sure that their goals are realigned and to make sure that they achieve a balance in their lives, the transition is supposed to be made. This transition is supposed to make sure those individual needs of the family and the individual who is living with a disability.

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Focusing on coping with the demands of a disability in a family, the emotional resources should be allocated in an equal measure without either the family members or even the one affected feeling bad or also drained. To maintain emotional stability, the individual with a disability should be cooked for; their bills should be paid, they need to be dressed, given medicine, kept company and be provided emotional support like being listened and even the family member understanding their situations. On their other hand, if they're capable of exploiting their talent, they should work for it to achieve financial resources in paying some portion of the bills and even taking care of some of the family members. Emotionally, they should understand that disability is not inability by understanding their family members and even understanding them, when they are going through trials.

On the other hand, is it ever possible to regaining balance in family, following disability or illness in that one is in that the illness and the reason why one is disabled, should be properly explained to the family. The disabled or the one who is ill should start appreciating that everything is getting better and learn on coping with the existing challenges and the new responsibility which is existing in the family. Additionally, one should start getting involved emotionally or if possible financially to fulfilling family desires by making sure that they satisfy their financial and emotional needs which are at their disposal. This will be a great help in achieving emotional stability. Considering the general process, long times depend on what one is doing and the contribution of the family in being there for each other and in fighting for recovery.

Considering a disabled child with a grandparent with Alzheimer's disease and the other grandparent with a pre-existing psychiatric disorder, the emotional resources of a sibling should be allocated in making sure that they are in place in helping the family overcome such a catastrophe. This is by encouraging them through strengthening their faith in God and that in the long run there will overcome their challenges. With the little resources available, one should ensure that they are medically taken care of and even subjecting caregivers to offer the best services to them.

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