Free Essay Example - Future Goals in Nursing

Published: 2023-11-03
Free Essay Example - Future Goals in Nursing
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I am a Clinical Officer. I work as a lead neonatal/pediatric respiratory officer. I ventured into this profession due to passion and zeal towards infants and salvaging their innocent lives. I have worked as a neonatologist for the last seven years, two years in a private clinic, and five years in a national hospital. I am passionate about working in the intensive care unit and the emergency rooms (ICU and ER) because I have great ardency for bedside care.

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As a practicing CO, I always hope for better times ahead in my career. Five years from now, I wish the flow of work gets smoother than it has always been since I became a nurse. As a neonatologist, I am responsible for the lives of infants who have to survive by passing via my hands. It all lies in my hands to ensure that my work gets better or remains just wishful thinking. Concerning this, I would wish to do the following in my efforts to make my world of nursing a better place.

Being a medical undergraduate, I would wish to re-enroll into a medical training college and acquire a master's. This will make me stand a better chance to meet many of my administrators' advice-to venture into a management position regardless of my love for bedside care. As a masters' holder, I will have better skills in all aspects of what my very technical field demands of me. During this period, I will conduct enough research to improve my patients' outcomes and healthcare processes. I will also get more knowledge of intubation and A-line insertion, which I have mastered while administering medications in the intensive care unit.

Considering my positive inclination towards taking up my colleagues' advice on trying a management position, I will become a better role model for my junior subject in my workplace. Since I work in a public institution, becoming a better role model will motivate all my subjects to cooperate and emulate what I do to save as many innocent infants as possible. I will make sure I encourage the nurses to stick to the various treatment plans outlined for infants with different medical complications.

I will also try to better my public relations skills with all my clients, the mother, and the infant since this is what it calls for to be a nurse. My clients are people with certain underlying medical conditions who hope to become better through what I do and some who are very healthy and wish to remain that way. With that knowledge in mind, it calls for my collective efforts to make them feel safe and secure.

I will also work as a volunteer in private clinics and hospitals to ensure I get enough skills to work in my field of specialization. This will give me better communication and technical expertise to serve my patients, both the mother and the infant, in a better and more comfortable way. My life as a medical practitioner does entail not only commercial work purposes but also voluntary services to meet my clients' demands and ambitions. This should include optional services and the extra mile into my free time.

I will also ensure I try convincing the government to allocate more funds to the ministry of health so that more lives, especially the lives of the infants I so adore, are saved. Better medical equipment and better-trained health workers will need a considerable boost in the health sector. The government will get my information when I send the lower-ranked government officers who I access quickly and speak up in seminars and nurses' workshops.

Having tried that, I suppose the work I do will be more pleasant and comfortable and more people lead better and healthier lives. I'm sure my little more effort as a human will positively suit my ambitions and positively impact my career and, mostly, to all the clients who pass via my hands.

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