Free Essay Explaining How Punctuality and Attendance Relates to Character

Published: 2019-09-24
Free Essay Explaining How Punctuality and Attendance Relates to Character
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Attendance and punctuality are two elements that can be used to assess one's character, especially when it comes to the reliance and consistency of an individual. Various institutions thrive because of the attendance and the punctuality of the stakeholders of that institution. For instance, in a school environment, students, teachers, and other non-teaching staffs are expected to attend the school function, within the specified schedule. In order for the schools program to run without an interference, students and teachers are expected to be time cautious. It will be frustrating for a teacher to enter a class on time but to find an almost empty class, due to the absence of students. Apparently, character involves attributes or qualities of a person which are depicted in a persons actions or deed. This suggests that the act of attending or being punctual has a close relation with ones character.

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Being punctual implies that one should be on time. It follows that an individual will have to plan according to on his/her activities in order to meet the given demands of time (punctuality). For instance, when a teacher requires that every student should assemble at the laboratory on a particular time, those who arrive on time will be considered to be obedient whereas those arrive late will be perceived to be undisciplined and disobedient. In this scenario, the terms, indiscipline, obedient and disobedient have been used to describe an individual for either being punctual or late. Consequently, these terms also used to describe ones character, attesting that the act of being punctual is indeed related to ones character.

Attendance and punctuality s related to ones determination, dedication and diligence. A student who is dedicated and diligent in his studies will always be time cautious. It is common to find such students with a detailed timetable that help them in managing time as well as their activities. The aspect of managing time is a human attribute that makes individuals be punctual on given tasks. For somebody to be a good time manager, it follows that one should be dedicated and diligent in operating within the time schedule. In the same way, a student who is dedicated to his/her studies should value the act of attending classes. In a school, it is common to find some students failing to attend a particular event or a class due to their personal prejudices: like being at loggerheads with a teacher or whoever has initiated that event. These personal prejudices and issues, which might have barred somebody to attend a given event are linked to ones character.

Attendance and punctuality are also related to ones attitude: caring or a careless attitude. If an individual has a caring and dedicated attitude, he/she will ensure that he observes the demands of the attendance and punctuality. In school scenario, students who are always punctual and present in their lessons are perceived to be endowed with a caring character as far as their academic life is concerned. On the contrary, it is common to find some students being late or absent when it comes to the attendance of their classes. Such students will be depicted to be having uncaring, insensitive, careless or unconcerned character.

It is apparent that the elements of punctuality and attendance are linked to ones character. The deeds and actions of an individual, which are a manifestation of ones character are correlated to the act of being punctual or attending.

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