Free Essay Example about Friendship Matrix

Published: 2019-10-18
Free Essay Example about Friendship Matrix
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The human race can be considered to live in an ever-evolving world and in simple terms, be regarded as living in a matrix. A matrix is an array of symbols, numbers, or expressions in a rectangular form that is arranged in columns and rows. It is, therefore, worth nothing that the matrix can be explained in a real life situation to illustrate the systems that make up the universe. Margaret Atwoods Oryx and Crake shows that we life in a matrix represented society because no one leaves on his/her own. For instance, the characters mentioned in her works have some common things and character traits, just like the matrix of numbers or symbols. By considering the characters and their relationships as that of the array of numbers in a matrix, it is possible to conclude that our lives revolve around each other. Therefore, in general, our relationships and interactions with one another are like that of a matrix, just like the food chain. The relationships that we have with our colleagues and the general environment can be used to explain well how we life in a matrix. This paper will be used to explain how we life in a matrix, based on Margaret Atwoods work and employing the role that they key characters played to make this assertion a reality.

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Amongst the recognizable relationships in Atwoods work is that of Jimmy and Amada. They love one another, and Jimmy even moved to her room, seeking for accommodation even if the lady had other roommates. This happened because Jimmy had completed his studies and was looking for employment. Even if he viewed the world differently for the lack of a job and private accommodation, he still wished that one day; he would be successful in his job hunt. Therefore, the relationship can be explained in a matrix form because, in a matrix, all the elements are used to define what has been established, for instance, the case of a diamond. This matrix shows the importance of every individual and exhibits that once the students complete their studies, they will have to struggle in the competitive job market and that nothing comes on the cheap. This means that Amada and her three roommates will have to learn from Jimmys experience on the possibility of missing an employment opportunity, thus the necessity to become accommodative and encouraging Jimmy that at one time, things will be better.

Another explanation from Atwoods work on the concept that we life as a matrix of friends in the real life situation (instead of numbers or symbols as is the case in math), is Jimmys ability to remain cooperative and understanding. The situations and life tribulations in his life made him rename himself Snowman and is portrayed as the protagonist. He lives in an innovative environment because of the fostering of scientific skills and even if he occasionally finds himself thinking deeply and focusing on his interests, he still adores the spirit of maintaining a good bond with his friends. Additionally, he has a better understanding of the real life events than one of his best friends, Crake. He considers it necessary to think beyond the pragmatic ideas and realities of the scientific skills and knowledge available. Nevertheless, even if Jimmy is talented, he is not recognized in the society, making it difficult for him to make many friends and even have connections with people who can aid him in getting employed.

At this point, the idea that we live in a matrix of friends comes in since for one to be employed; friends significantly contribute to the process. For instance, some friends can come across a job advertisement that fits one of them and because of the excellent communication and understanding of one anothers needs in the matrix of friends it becomes possible for them to inform one another to apply. This is one of the key ingredients of the job search that Jimmy lacked thus forcing him to look for an employment opportunity on his own. His inability to connect with many people and of different social and financial statuses significantly affected his job search scope. However, because of the strong friendship with Crake, he (Crake) eventually hired him to work for him and thus setting the tune of Atwoods work. At this point, Atwood shows the importance of living in a matrix of friends, and why people strive to be associated with morally upright individuals. It is almost difficult to find an individual trying to be involved in those who do not observe the societal ethical and moral standards because this will eventually ruin their reputation, thus career development and even the setting of their lifetime goals.

A couple is one of the best illustrations that can be used to show that individuals live in a matrix. This means that under normal circumstances, a couple is expected to stay happily and solve their differences in time to avoid misunderstandings and even possible breakups. Nevertheless, Jimmys parents faced a lot of marriage hurdles because they did not consider one another (father, mother, and Jimmy) as a matrix of friends. For instance, the mother was not supportive of her husbands involvement in the genetic splicing and amongst other issues led to their divorce. Jimmys father had to accept the situation and thus marry another wife, who they laid down good plans of starting a united family because they realized the necessity of having a matrix of friends. This means that a family should also be considered as a matrix of friends as this is one of the possible ways of creating a long-lasting and trustworthy bond with the marriage partners. Atwoods work, therefore, is mainly based on the idea that we life in a matrix but even if human beings have different types of matrices, her work is primarily based on friendship and understanding. Even in the real life situation, it will be difficult for one to maintain a family if the matrix of friendship and love does not exist amongst them. One should love and treat the other as a friend before demanding the same as these are some of the tenets of successful relationships.

Jimmys mother, Sharon, represents a character that is not friendly and does not attend to the family. However, because families should be based on a matrix of friends, she often finds herself lonely in the bathrobe smoking. On the other hand, Jimmy, an individual who believes in togetherness feel uncomfortable and even tries to seek for her attention. The whole book is therefore based on the necessity of remaining united and fostering the spirit of the friendship matrix as one of the pillars of societal bonding and having a good state of the mind. That is why after missing the attention of his mother, Jimmy, even if a grown up, had to intervene and request her to have a second thought about the wellbeing of the family.

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