Essay Sample: Free Will of Choices in Life

Published: 2022-03-11
Essay Sample: Free Will of Choices in Life
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Freewill refers to the mental freedom or freedom of the mind for one to express an honest opinion. Free will is only concerned with the mind's sovereignty and not physical forces like threats to a person's life (Caplan, 1997).

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My interest in learning about free will is to get a broader meaning of human's decision making. The influences involved and where we can assume that a will is practiced freely. Furthermore, I wish to determine whether free will exists or is it is just an illusion as this is a critical subject. By studying different views on this subject, I hope to come up with my stand and arrive at a better decision on this matter.

I assume that human beings have free will to act. They express their will depending on the choices that they make daily. However, I question the situations where physical pressure may be applied to taking a person's free will to act on some issues. I also believe that some of the material pressures used to human beings affect the mind through torture or pain taking away the element of free will.

In my research, I have learned a couple of things concerning how human beings make choices in life. According to Richard Holton (2006), the option is the fundamental determinant of the expression of free will. There is a difference between choice and agency and for a person to gain a deeper understanding of this subject they have to differentiate the two.

Secondly, some factors influence the agent from expressing free will. These may include coercion, responsibility, and lack of options (or unawareness of available options) among others. When a person makes choices with these factors in place, and they tend to affect their decision, then they did not practice the act of free will.

Third, I realized that the subject is a dynamic matter that most philosophers have tried to solve. I noted that most philosophers have different views when it comes to the question of practicing free will with some agreeing with it while others dismiss it as an illusion.

I consulted various sources in my work. These include academic journals, books and relevant websites that relate to philosophy as a subject. These sources have given me a general overview of the topic making me question my previous understanding and assumptions of the matter.


B. Caplan, Some Arguments for the Existence of Free Will and Some Objections Answered, Vol. 1, 1997, London, pgs. 1-4

The existence of free will is explained by Caplan. He asserts that there are two groups of people. One that believes in free will while the other does not. This brings about the discussion of free will either as illusion or as actual truth that is applied by agents.

G. Feldman et al., Free Will is About Choosing: The Link Between Choice and Belief in Free Will, Florida University, vol. 1, pgs. 239-245

Feldman asserts that there may not be any existence of free will by agents. He adds that the assumption of free will is only a belief that comes from few agents who choose and assume that it's their will. These people, however, do not explore the level of their pressure to act.

R. Holton, The Act of Choice, Vol. 6 no 3, September 2006, pgs. 3-15

The arguments about the existence of will are classified and explored here. Holton goes through several cases stated by philosophers and takes a stand in explaining their setbacks and truths.

R. Holton, The Act of Choice, Vol. 1 no 3, September 2004, pgs. 1-3

History of free will and how people have questioned its existence in the past. The different theories regarding making choices and their strengths and weaknesses are explored and analyzed.

T. M. Scanlon Jr., The Significance of Choice, Vol. 1, May 1986, pgs. 21, 32-50

In depth of the importance of making choices. The reasons that affect agents while practicing free will and how this is believed to be free will by these agents. Also, the physical factors that influence decision making and how they affect the agents in this process.

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