Essay Sample Comprising the Nutrition Journal

Published: 2022-03-31
Essay Sample Comprising the Nutrition Journal
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Day 1: For breakfast, I made myself a coffee with a splash of French vanilla coffee mate creamer, and a handful of almonds. Lunch, I had a turkey croissant sandwich, hot Cheetos, 12 oz of pink lemonade, and 8 oz of propel water. Dinner I had a turkey burger on wheat bread and water.

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Day 2: For breakfast, I had my coffee with a splash of French vanilla creamer and a handful of almonds. Lunch, I had a bacon cheeseburger from McDonald's with a Dr. Pepper to drink. Dinner, I had a filet mignon with water.

Day 3: For breakfast, I had coffee with a splash of French vanilla creamer, a handful of almonds. Lunch, a double cheeseburger from Carl's Jr. with a medium fry and a cherry coke. Dinner, I grabbed a half of a cup of macaroni salad and water.


I conducted an analysis to determine whether my daily food consumption was as per the recommended health guidelines. The analysis of my food consumption over the past three days enabled me to determine whether I was getting the right amount of nutrients from my daily food consumption. The nutrition analysis also enabled me make positive changes in my food consumption pattern for a healthy lifestyle. I used a food pyramid to conduct a comparison between my daily food intake and the recommended nutrient quantity required by a healthy person. A comparison between my food consumption and the recommended nutrient requirements by the food pyramid revealed an inadequate intake of the essential nutrients required for healthy living. The food pyramid needs us to consume plenty of vegetables and fruits daily. My daily food consumption did not contain the recommended amount of vegetables. My daily carbohydrate consumption was however per the food pyramid requirements because I took cereals in the morning and bread sandwiches either at lunchtime or dinner. My intake of milk and cheese was also healthy because I had a splash of vanilla creamer for breakfast every morning. My protein consumption was, however, lower than the average expectation while my fats and oil intake were higher than expected. I should reduce the frequency of cheeseburgers that I had during lunch or supplement by a protein that could be either poultry, meat, eggs or fish products. Finally, my daily consumption of drinks high in sugar and fat was also higher than expected. The food pyramid recommends daily consumption of plenty of fruits and vegetables, average servings of whole grain cereals and bread and a little milk, cheese and proteins. The food pyramid also recommends very small consumptions of fats and oils and also very small intakes of drinks and food high in sugar, salt, and fat.

This class has made me rethink the quantity of nutrients that I consume on a daily basis. My daily food consumption did not meet the nutrient requirement of a healthy individual. Nutrients and minerals are essential in the body because they are needed for growth and development of an individual. Nutrients also strengthen the immunity of a person keeping them away from diseases and medical complications. Adequate amounts of nutrients are also significant for the efficient physiological processes in the body. Different procedures require different amounts of energy and water to occur efficiently. Therefore, to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, I will reduce the consumption of foods and drinks high in sugars and fats such as lemonades and cheeseburgers and increase my consumption of fruits and vitamins which are a high source of vitamins in the body.

Changing my food and nutrient consumption intake will enable me to live a healthy lifestyle and reduce the risk factors associated with medical infections. Balanced nutrition provides the body with adequate amounts of nutrients and minerals that the body requires.

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