Essay Sample on the Impact of Technology

Published: 2019-06-03
Essay Sample on the Impact of Technology
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The impact of technology and world events on the animation and live-action industry, as it pertains to visual development:

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Developments in technology and world events are making a tremendous impact on the film industry in regards to visual development. In the past days, flipbook was in major use in the animations. Later, it was followed by zoetrope and currently there is the graphic animation. In short, technology has remained a key factor in the film industry by enhancing developments from the two-dimensional format, three-dimensional format, and lastly the stereoscopic 3D (Kerlow, 2004).

A digital pen and the digital sculpting tools are some of the technological tools enhancing computer animation in the film industry. Additionally, there is the 3D animation software that enables viewers to see clearly a movie full of animations. Through recent improvements in technology, it is now easier to produce movies, music, and video games full of the current animation designs. Application of technology in the animation started in the 1980s, resulting to a significant change in the traditional animations. Traditional animation remains significant in visual development because it helps animators to develop new animation techniques (Kerlow, 2004).

How do current events, technology, and social issues affect entertainment? Look at the past, and compare it to current day issues and entertainment. What is currently being emphasized in animation and the world?

The trending technological and social issues have made entertainment a major point of concern to the youths and middle-aged population. The following are the key technological, social issues making the contribution towards making entertainment popular. First is the social media. Social media is an interconnection of a system allowing individuals to exchange information ideas, and pictures without their physical presence. Social media is enhanced through the internet connection. Facebook is one of the social media platforms through which individuals create their personal accounts. Through the accounts, they can upload photos, videos and keep in contact with their friends. Another social media site is Twitter through which a member has the right to send short posts known as the tweets (Cheok, 2010).

Television is another social media site. It uses wave connections to air news, movies, educational programs, and entertainment through music. Current research shows that television has made a great impact in the entertainment sector because almost all the medium class individuals own a television device. In the past, transmission of information was mainly through messengers, and letters. Such means of transmission brought inconveniences like alteration of information and delays which is not appealing at all to the sender of the message. Currently with the emergence of social media platforms like the television, Facebook, and Twitter, the transmissions are more convenient. There is the transmission of information in real time. These social media platforms largely apply the animation technology (Fisher, 2004).

The other social factor affecting entertainment is the music and film industry. These days, people prefer getting entertainment in the form of movies and music. As a result, film industry remains one of the best performing industries in the world. There is diversification in the production of movies and music per the demands of the market. Productions are made in both local and international language to help meet the demands of the customers. The preference for the music and movies depends on its ability to attract attention to the views through the generation of clear visual pictures. It is, therefore, true to put it that the film industry depends on largely on the animations for movies and videos to remain appealing to clients. In the past, there was application traditional animation in the film industry. Traditional animation involved drawing and coloring, the picture components of a film manually, scanning the drawings into a computer and then combining the pictures with the entire film. The inconveniences in the traditional films have made filming films to adopt technological advancements in animations that make movies and music more appealing to viewers (Cheok, 2010).

There is also the issue of product promotion and advertising. In the past, business enterprises were advertising through mediums that necessarily did not require the internet. For example personal advertising, business cards, and posters. Currently, advertising focus is on the application of technological developments and the social media. In the social media platform, advertisement focus is on the television as well as Facebook. There is wide use of technological developments in animations and graphics when undertaking these advertisements in the social media (Fisher, 2004).

On the issue of technological advancements, they continue to contribute positively to the entertainment industry. Digital technology makes entertainment more appealing than the past when people had less interest in entertainment. For instance, computer generated imagery (CGI) enhances in developing animated films. In the past, generation of films was through traditional animation. It was inconvenient because the traditional method was costly in terms of labor and time. Through the CGI, animation in films is now less costly and highly efficient. Production of electronic equipment at a lower cost is another factor improving the entertainment (Fisher, 2004).

From the above social and technology issues affecting entertainment, it is clear that there is an emphasis on using computer generated animation. The animation resulting from the application of computers enhances in developing 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional views that are the preferable animations by the viewers. When discussing social and technological issues affecting entertainment, people maintain more preference for application of 3-dimensional animations. Their argument for that preference is that 3-dimension enhances in capturing attention and brings ease of understanding complicated ideas (Cheok, 2010).


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