Free Report on Crisis Response and Rehabilitation: Navigating Trauma in Law Enforcement

Published: 2023-12-22
Free Report on Crisis Response and Rehabilitation: Navigating Trauma in Law Enforcement
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Group Portion 1

Explain your concerns about the behavior of your partner.

My partner has been reacting strangely since the tornado incident. He acts like he has been traumatized, and the sad thing is that he does not want to help. I have tried reaching out, but he pushes me away. This has generally affected his work performance as he is not as keen on his work as before. I am afraid of him, and he should get help before the situation becomes worse.

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Identify that your relationship 3 weeks ago was excellent.

I have been on duty with my partner for some time now. In the past weeks, he has been good and very productive in his work. He has always shown dedication, and in most cases, he is the one who comes up with solutions for the challenges we face in the field.

Explain why you believe this is incident-driven and why.

In our patrol that day, my partner was all excellent, and we were doing work as usual without any issues. It is after the tornado that he started acting weirdly. He stopped talking and was crying the whole time, and this is after he saw what had happened to the children and caretakers of the daycare, so I believe that his condition is due to the incident.

Determine at least two possible disorders that may be impacting your partner.

I think my partner is experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This occurs after a person has experienced or witnessed an incident that causes the person to feel fear and anxiety and often leads to anger and violent outbursts (Staff, 2018).

Provide the commander with two alternatives for getting the partner back on track.

He can get assisted by a professional counselor and be guided on how to get through the situation. Speaking out can also be a good alternative and can help.

Individual Portion

Identify the relationships the partner has in his personal life that may be related to the daycare tornado call.

My partner has a wife they have been married for five years. This means that they are still a young couple. They have two children, ages three and four. This relates to the children who lost their lives in the incident since they were in his children's age bracket. He imagined his children and having witnessed the experience gave him trauma. The caretaker was also a young person who might have reminded him of his wife. He imagined his family in the same situation, and this frightened him. The sight of seeing children of the same age as his children dying and even another one getting lost terrified him that maybe the same thing could happen to his family too (LĂłpezZerĂłn & Blow, 2017). He thought of how their parents would feel, considering he is also a parent.

Why are these relationships important in this case?

The relationships are of importance since they signify the people who lost their lives in the incident. He related the incident to his own family. The relationships are important since they are the ones that will significantly assist in his recovery and well-being. The family needs to be communicative and understand him well to help him out of the situation (Maercker & Hecker, 2016). They need to assure him that everything is right and that they are there with him. The wife and kids should offer him the necessary support, especially emotionally.

Group Portion 2

Provide at least two recommendations for rehabilitating your partner. Explain in detail.

Rehabilitation includes physical, emotional, and speech therapy. The rehabilitation can include seeking help from a qualified counselor, and this will be a great form of therapy as my partner will be able to speak out, which causes a lot of reliving from the issue. Communication is essential, or else the incident will still disturb the person.

It will also be of great help that the family is there to support him and make life normal. It is also essential to visit a doctor and get tested; your situation is good and manageable without being on medication. It is also necessary for him to be given a few weeks off from the job to fully recover from the incident. This will bring his mind and concentration back to work (Self-Care and Recovery After Trauma, 2018). When he reports back to work, it is of help not to be sent off the field for some time until he is entirely over the incident and forgets about it.

Consider what you are going to tell the other deputies when they ask why your partner is relieved of duty.

The issues of experiencing trauma after an incident in this line of work are a common thing; hence my deputies will understand what my partner is going through (Kleber, 2019). I will tell them that my partner experienced trauma, and he is on his way to recovery and coming back to work. It will be easy to just tell them that he experienced trauma after witnessing the tornado incident.


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