Free Paper Sample on Significant of Geography 112 Course

Published: 2023-10-28
Free Paper Sample on Significant of Geography 112 Course
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Area V in geography 112 is a course that entails knowledge of culture, civilization, and global understanding. As a student anticipating to be a conservator, this course has been very significant in nurturing me in my career. A conservator’s job entails analyzing, preserving, and restoring works of art and artifacts. For one to be successful in the career, one must love art and be adequately equipped with cultural knowledge of different societies around the world. One must also learn to appreciate and understand other people’s way of life. For this reason, this course is way more enlightening and educative on issues of cultural relations, global understanding, and civilization, which are essential. This course has helped me gain a lot and has broadened my perspectives on my career goals. This essay outlines the benefits I have gained from the diversity and comprehensive nature of the course.

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Perspective on Appreciating Culture

First and foremost, geography 112 has broadened my perspective on appreciating culture. The culture was defined by Tylor, an anthropologist, as a multifaceted whole that entails the beliefs, morals, laws, art, knowledge, habits, and customs of a man in society (Sardar). It is the culture that defines people and gives them a source of belonging in their communities. Even though civilization is quickly taking over, culture does not lose its value as it is part and parcel of the people. Geography 112 has helped me know and appreciate different cultures from mine as well as respect them. Culture molds the people, and that is why people from different societies differ in behavior and mannerisms (Sardar). Without culture, the world would be much unadorned as people could not dwell and thrive in their environments. It is therefore very important that geography educates on the essence of appreciating culture hence improving international relations around the world and also raising the value of the environment.

Research Skills

Secondly, the course has helped me improve my research skills through reading activities, which are necessary for every conservator. Research helps in looking for information to get answers on issues. The research includes various activities such as generating maps, going for field observation, and analyzing data. Geography 112 has enlightened me on ways of collecting and analyzing data and also on studying and interpreting maps. This is crucial is understanding culture as well as globalization because for one to get an understanding of a work of art or place, a lot of background information is significant. Also, the course has helped me appreciate places where historical information and artifacts are preserved since these places are a source of cultural knowledge from past societies to the modern ones. It is from such places that locals and foreigners get to comprehend and increase in value the cultural history of people. This leads to strengthened bonds and respects overall cultures internationally.

Moreover, in a world that is rapidly changing, preserving people’s history can be a difficult task. However, projects in the course have enabled me to work together with others to get information. Geography studies have enhanced the preservation of history in books, articles, galleries, and museums. These studies have made it easy for culture to be preserved and passed on from one generation to another. People are now able to get information and relate to their culture after visiting galleries and museums (Barnett 20). Consequently, global understanding has gone a notch higher as people from diverse places can relate to a certain place due to its preserved history. Studies in linguistics have further enlarged the interaction platform of people globally hence encouraging unity among diverse cultures. Moreover, unity has helped people to embrace and appreciate their culture, just like others from different cultures.

Information Gathering

Also, being an information era, the course has helped me gather information on global data on the culture and growth of civilization. This has helped me understand how the society gradually evolved to what it is now( Schäfer 310). Consequently, I now understand the constraints of the common way of life in the societies and the channels of change and growth. This knowledge has improved my appreciation for the United States civilization and culture more than other people. Furthermore, the course intensified my thirst and hunger to explore and get information on past events and artifacts that contributed to the cultural abundance of the current society.

My post-graduate goals have been made achievable through the course. With knowledge of culture, civilization, and understanding of global issues, I am fully equipped to venture into the field and make huge achievements in the preservation and appreciation of culture all over the world. Furthermore, I am ready to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the societies that existed before civilization and relate past cultural lifestyle to the modern civilized lifestyle. On the other hand, I feel the need to achieve more on human relations as I look forward to associating with clients, colleagues, and artists in the business.


In conclusion, analyzing works of art from diverse cultures is a huge part of making a successful conservator. One is expected to understand different cultures as well as artworks and take part in preserving them for future generations as well as relating with people at international levels, and this requires a lot of knowledge in civilization, culture, and global issues all over the world. Geography builds a firm foundation and, therefore, fully equips one with all essential details and skills necessary in the fieldwork. It is evident that the course has wholesomely molded me and helped me navigate and advance through the most critical lessons required by any field worker in search of cultural knowledge in the United States and all over the world.

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