Personal Statement Essay Sample: Information Security

Published: 2022-09-07
Personal Statement Essay Sample: Information Security
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Increased incidences of hacking informed my desire to study Information Security in a bid to solve the problem. Hackers have caused loss of vital information, finances, and other confidential materials to individuals, organizations, and even governments. Pursuing a Ph.D. in Information Security will provide me with an opportunity to face the challenge and provide a life-long solution to the problem. Also, I am an individual who loves challenges, and therefore, the chance to encounter one and apply my skills in dealing with the same will help me grow.

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Reasons for Pursuing a Ph.D. in Cyber Security

My passion for technology has had no bounds, and ever since I interacted with my computer, I have always had the passion for learning more and more about computer technology; this explains my aspirations to study Information Security. Whenever I see a string of code, or read information on viruses or even hear stories of hackers like anonymous, the Tailored Access Operation funded by the NSA or the APT28, they often arose my curiosity on what kind of people the hackers are. When the Saudi Arabia government allowed women to go to school, furthermore, pursue information security, a field previously left for men, I felt my prayers had come true. As such, pursuing the Ph.D. is one way of me giving in to my passion and seeing the field I love most advance to greater heights.

Another reason for pursuing the field is my personality. Since my childhood, I have always obsessed over challenging tasks that many people shy away from, particularly the ones regarded as reserved for men. In Saudi Arabia, most women have shied away from Information Security in the belief that it is still a men's field. My challenge is to pass on the message to both larger society that they do not have to bow down to their fears, rather necessarily, they should endeavor to follow their dreams wherever they may end up at.


I have vast experience in configuring, installing, maintaining as well as upgrading IT infrastructure, websites and software solutions. I am knowledgeable and skilled in project management methodologies. Also, I am a talented communicator in both Arabic and English, and a skilled troubleshooter who develops positive end-user experiences. Although not off the charts, my networking skills are excellent. I have a good grip on the operations of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), subnetting, public v. private Internet Protocol, Domain Name Servers (DNS), Routers and Switches without forgetting the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model. Furthermore, I have extensive knowledge in the operations of operating systems including Linux operating system and sniffer analyzers including Wireshark and tcpdump. I also have basic knowledge concerning web applications, forensics, cryptography, and reverse engineering.

Core Competencies

I am competent in graphic and web design, use of MS Office, MS Project, HTML, JavaScript, PHP and also Photoshop, Word Press and Illustrator. I firmly believe that my competence in the areas mentioned above will enable me to pursue my Ph.D. in Information Security with ease. However, despite the competencies, I think I have got a long way to go before achieving the position of being an exemplary student. Completing the course will, however, put me near that platform of perfection where I can practice my craft to my heart's content. The reason I want to boost my competencies is not that of my incompetence; rather, it is because I wish to improve myself. As a scholar, I cannot afford to state I know everything, instead, as long as knowledge is advancing, I cannot remain with what I already know. Completing the course will, therefore, increase my skills in the field enable me to dispense my duties with the utmost professionalism and competence.

Technical Experience

I currently work as an Associate Consultant with a Consultant Company based in Riyadh. I have previously worked as a Consultant at Strategic Gears SA where my duties included consulting and giving advice on special projects, applying my technical and leadership skills to identify and effectuate IT solutions. I have also worked as a Consultant at Experts Academy SA where my duties entailed aligning the organizational mission with the client needs as well as providing guidance on special projects. The above work experiences have enabled me to put my skills to task and offer real-time solutions to challenges on the ground.

General Overview

Different states including Saudi Arabia are setting up systems and protocols to defend themselves against cyber-attacks. The National Information Security Strategy (NISS) is a government initiative to protect the kingdom from cyber-attacks. The strategy was born from the realization that the kingdom's advance in technology and cyber-related fields were also leaving a gap in the workforce. The holes become a base for cyber attackers to compromise information. The threats include shutdown, corruption or even destruction of fundamental knowledge. However, such a strategy needs a workforce, a fit that has become a significant issue. My Ph.D., even in a small way will help advance the kingdom's agenda of cyber safety as it will give me access to varied information and resources that could help me mentor other people in the field.

Additionally, I find this offer lucrative as it gives me an option to be a role model to young Arab women around the continent. Women have been sidelined in different fields especially those relating to science since time immemorial. As a result, their self-worth has led to most demeaning themselves. However, as an Arab woman, I would like to present the opportunity granted to the 21st-century women where the government is supporting the incorporation of women into the field. It is true I want to change the world, and regardless of how many souls I help advance their goals if doing my Ph.D. will help motivate them, then it is a worthy venture. It is no longer about me; rather, it is about protecting the future for both the information industry and the future of the young girls in the society.


My passion, dreams, and hopes coupled with my skills and competencies will offer me a strong foundation as a Cyber Security Scholar. I believe that pursuing a Ph.D. in the course will enable me to enact a lasting solution to the problem of hacking that has led to individuals, organizations, and governments losing crucial information and finances to hackers. I affirm that studying Information Security will also enable me to act as a role model to fellow Saudi Arabian women who still feel men can only pursue the course. As their senior, I have an obligation to them as well as to Allah to leave the world better than I found it. Finally, my vast experience at both Strategic Gears SA and Experts Academy SA have also sharpened my skills and made me an expert IT matter.

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