Free Paper Sample on Satfibre's Network Solution

Published: 2023-11-10
Free Paper Sample on Satfibre's Network Solution
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Satfibre company will be based on modern development in satellite connectivity Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO). LEO establishes quality Fibre broadband speed and connectivity worldwide, including the remote parts of Africa and the North-pole. Latency is a significant concern with satellites. Satfibre will offer Low-Earth-Orbits using the OneWeb satellite network. Satfibre has obtained orbit testing knowledge Integrated telecom and will show LEO as early as 2020. OneWeb will provide the architecture, while Satfibre will resell; we purchase a network and develop services tailored to the client specifications. With our LEO network, we will offer quality throughput and speed of connections, like Gbps linkages.

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The links connect to the satellites create fibre-like symmetry gigabits connection speeds that ensure data security. Data is encrypted from end-to-end to all networks having no terrestrial interference. The idea was influenced by the presence of large amounts of data and the urge for modern infrastructure.


Rapid technological improvements worldwide are expected to drive the market. 5G satellite communication market is divided based on orbit, consumer spectrum, satellite solutions, and the zone. LEO segment will most likely dominate the international 5G satellite communication in 2021 and is predicted to maintain dominance through the forecasted period 2021-2030. The market is further classified into backhaul and tower feed, communication on the move, and hybrid multiply based on the satellite solutions segment.


Simulated results are positive, showing seamless satellite as well as increased speeds and latency. In place, getaways feature multiple tracking antennas that support operations and handoff of fast speed user traffic within LEO satellites. The getaways are positioned to handle an average of 10,000 terminal handoffs. Each OneWeb terminal, whether fixed or mobile, should incorporate a significant module that includes a modem developed and produced by Satfibre. Its international communications connectivity will be a game-changer mobility solution to companies that depend on a global connection like maritime and aviation.

Company Description

Integrated telecom is the leading provider of satellite services in Saudi-Arabia and the Gulf region. The company works closely with OneWeb, the global communications firm that is planning to bring connectivity to everybody in all parts of the globe. Integrated telecom and OneWeb signed an MoU. The MoU meant a partnership between the two companies to distribute network connection. They agreed on a constellation of LEO, which will see that Satfiber services are expanded and ensure that clients can access low-latency and high-speed network connections. LEO applications range from enterprises to government networking, cellular backhaul as well as community wi-fi hotspots. Satfiber is entering a new era of international connectivity. The plan is only achievable by combining data services: terrestrial, geostationary, and LEO satellites.

OneWeb complements Satfibre’s services portfolio through accurate worldwide coverage. The low-latency option will enable Satfibre’s clients to achieve end-user needs for connection anywhere they are. The agreement between Integrated telecom and OneWeb expounds on a close relationship that already exists between the two companies. Satfiber emerged from its parent company Integrated Telecom, in partnership with OneWeb. Satfiber will add on the development of important ground connectivity of the OneWeb LEO system. OneWeb, as a telecom company, has set its standards by carefully selecting the distribution partners in each of its key markets. After choosing the partners, OneWeb is now eyeing provision expansion and new business opportunities to introduce a reduced latency network and spread it worldwide.


Integrated telecom has ten metro-fibre rings that span to all the major cities. The fibre optic rings basis is the SDH as well as DWDM technologies that facilitate extreme fast data transfers. They deliver high quality local and global telecom services to ensure robust fibre connectivity. Integrated telecom maintains a strategic corporation with market-leading technology partners. It has also adopted quality standards as the foundation for its existence and growth strategy. The company is committed to continuous investment in the development of human capital and the network’s capacity. Finally, the company is committed to improving internal systems and processes ability for unique value and delivery of an un-interfered experience to the customer.

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