The Adoption of the EMR: Practice Fusion Assignment, Free Example for You

Published: 2022-08-18
The Adoption of the EMR: Practice Fusion Assignment, Free Example for You
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The rationale of the adoption of the EMR is convincing because of how the future managed the medical office considering the benefits of digitization (Culumber, 2016). EMR, in this case, is important because it comes with built-in-compliance safeguard that updates the medical practices. It also does this by recording the information in the cloud through the compliance of the patients (Burmeister, 2017). While this takes time, it's convincible that through teamwork, the HER software allows doctors to focus on what they do best.

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Counter-arguments if I were a physician

While implementation of the EMR comes with benefits, it also has its adverse effects. For instance, if I were a physician one issue I would raise is that the user interface of the EMR doesn't match with the workflow of clinical practices. Research has also proved that beyond the data entry, the EMR system hampers facilitates the clinical workflow (Mahboubi et al., 2013). Lastly, due to the use of the interface, it's challenging entering the notes via the keyboard. Most physicians, in this case, prefer interacting with their patients than the use of the systems.

The Influence of the EMR on the development of the Public health goals

The EMR has influenced the Public health goals by providing the healthcare with a whole direction of the patient's health (Maity, Dowarha & Mudgal, 2015). The EMR has also made sure that the community-based practices operate efficiently because the workers are given the priority of focusing on the care of the patients by improving the adversity of drug events (Schmidt, Gostin & Emmanuel, 2015). As a result, the EMR assist the HITECH to fulfill its purpose because of the EHR adoption, particularly for the ambulatory care setting.

The goals of EMR

The goals were important mainly for the government because it assisted in the provision of payments and incentive programs that paid the physicians and hospitals, not for the engagement or outcomes of the care process but the infrastructure (Mosher, 2010). The financial incentives aided by EMR were made available for short-term acute care facilities like the hospital and long-term critical care for rehabilitation and psychiatric facilities (Mosher, 2010). Therefore the access of HITECH increased the trajectory of the EHR adoption to hospitals that were previously known to be ineligible.


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