Free Paper: Implementation of Online Tutorial Videos for Improvement and Efficiency

Published: 2023-11-12
Free Paper: Implementation of Online Tutorial Videos for Improvement and Efficiency
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Alabama Secretary of State has various online services, including business forms, business entity and name search, UCC forms, UCC records search, and UCC filing. Other services include name reservation menu, business document copies, certificate of existence, domestic business filing, foreign business filing, and certificate of withdrawal. Some individuals in the Alabama community find it difficult to navigate through the online services hence call the staff for assistance. The employees at Alabama Secretary of State are always busy answering calls rather than handling other important duties. Therefore, for improvement and efficiency, the organization can implement online tutorial videos to direct people to go through the services offered. This essay discusses the impact of implementing online tutorial videos in the Alabama Secretary of State to improve efficiency.

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Online tutorial videos can help eliminate some of the many phone calls throughout the day from customers. The elimination of phone calls increases productivity because employees can focus on their daily roles rather than explaining the navigation of websites. Online tutorial videos can be designed to teach how each form is filed for the procedures involved in every online service. The videos can take the role of staff to answer customers' questions. Consumers wait for a long time for their calls to be answered; hence, online tutorial videos can save time for both employees and consumers. The videos can also keep costs spent on phone calls or going to the Alabama Secretary of State's office to inquire about stressing issues faced when filing forms. With online tutorial videos, an individual only requires some data to watch and understand. A person can even download the tutorials for future purposes. Therefore, online tutorial videos are more convenient, time and cost-saving than phone calls or physical contact. Additionally, online tutorial videos provide more understanding than making phone calls because customers can repeat the videos more than once until they understand. Also, online tutorial videos can be used by older individuals who have limited knowledge of using computers because it is just a click, and can watch the tutorials.

Online tutorial videos can be very efficient in helping to fill out the application forms because they are flexible as they can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Mostly, the attention involves enhancing the accessibility of information to individuals who cannot access it physically. Online tutorial videos are cost-effective and can be accessed by a large number of people. An individual only needs an internet connection to access the information. Various technologies are applied to support distinctive models of online learning. For instance, an online tutorial video can use asynchronous communication instruments like newsgroups or e-mail to enable users to participate in their suitability. Also, synchronous technologies, which occur through websites, video, or audio, are applied to provide instructions for users to access.

Implementation of online tutorial videos can be a convenient medium to help the Alabama Secretary of State reach audiences with no trouble. The video is considered a rest to most people because it relieves them from an excess of textual information found on the internet. Video is an involving and versatile content that displays actual pictures of what is going on and provides an easy way to share information on various platforms. Users prefer using the tutorials rather than plain text because it is engaging, entertaining, and easy to digest. The online tutorial videos can train people about filling the application forms; thereby, improving the effectiveness of the Alabama Secretary of State. Additionally, online tutorial videos provide a feeling of physical interaction and build trust in the information provided.

Process of Implementing Online Tutorial Videos

The Alabama Secretary of State can create successful online tutorial videos in various ways. One of the methods is to ensure that the video is easily recognizable by providing a well-selected title. Informal language instruments should not be used; hence, it could be better to offer a synopsis of the tutorial to motivate readers to watch it. The developer should create videos with narration because people understand more when offered a video combined with spoken words. It provides extra information and keeps the story flowing beyond the range of explicit media. The tutorial developer should improve learning by using a spoken human voice because people respond to tutorials more positively if actual individuals narrate them than through a computer. Additionally, the developer should choose the right speed that fits the trainee’s abilities for easy engagement and understanding.

The cost of implementing online tutorial videos on a website depends on the type of camera used, animations, studio, length of production, the quantity of the needed graphics, photography, and the producer. To make a tutorial video, the organization requires:

Requirement Cost (in dollars)
Video camera 900
Tripod 150
Backdrop 200
3-Point Lighting 300
Microphone 140
Editing software 300
Total 1 990

It is important to purchase high-quality products at a higher price to avoid disappointment in the video. Also, the organization can hire a production company instead of making the videos themselves. Some of the Alabama production companies include Genetix Digital Films, High Arc Media Inc., 4GroundsMedia Inc., and Rock Top Videography.

Organizational Impact of the Project

The use of online tutorial videos for improvement and efficiency has a positive organizational impact financially, structurally, or socially. The use of online tutorial videos on websites and social media is increasing at a high rate due to improved technology. Videos are a critical aspect of an effective learning plan because they provide more understanding. Physical training is time-consuming and expensive. Conversely, online tutorial videos enable companies to obtain an edge in business-wide training at a fraction of in-person one-on-one training. The structural need that an online tutorial video requires is an internet connection. The implementation is relatively simple and easily adaptable. The Alabama Secretary of State can have short-term and long-term benefits on standardization, service, and a complete sense of cohesion, vital for success with both abundant locations and a resilient reputation.

Supervisor’s Reaction

The supervisor’s feedback was essential to my project because her feedback enabled me to improve my project. She indicated that the findings were linked to the topic of the project and the overall course. The supervisor made feedback that tailored my project in line with the interest of my project. The supervisor also said that I clearly defined expectations, roles, and rights of ownership in my project. The response was very motivating, and I was able to finish the project successfully. However, the supervisor identified some grammatical errors and wrongly arranged sentences in the findings, which I was able to correct. The use of online tutorial videos in a business or organization is very beneficial because it enhances efficiency and production. Therefore, the implementation of online tutorial videos creates a positive impact on a company.

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