Education Essay Sample: Foreign Classes for High School Students

Published: 2022-05-05
Education Essay Sample: Foreign Classes for High School Students
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There is a need to have foreign languages taught in high school. Many individuals in the contemporary society, especially in the business cycles; have had the opinion that there is a need for students to learn foreign languages in high school level. On the other hand, the past society believes that foreign languages are of no importance to the children. In account to this, their indigenous languages are depicted to be more special thus it should be valued. However, from my perspective, students should learn foreign languages in high school. The advantages of foreign languages being taught in high school level are further stipulated below.

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To begin with, foreign languages for the high school students present them with competency and adequate knowledge to take advantage of the countless opportunities in the marketplace. For instance, the demand of certain job careers like CEO, working in major manufacturing companies or working in elementary schools might be urgently needed in a foreign country with a good salary pay (Miller, 2012,1). Therefore, being the kind of students who have been exposed to various foreign classes will be more beneficial. Due to the fact that, they are competent and knowledgeable enough thus fit for these jobs.

In addition, a student with prior knowledge of foreign languages is more confident and easily interacts with people from various countries, therefore, they can represent the state in any country. For instance, when traveling abroad, an individual who is conversant with foreign languages is able to get along well with the residents of the local country. Having the foreign language knowledge improves one's ability to interact with others and tour place. It also aids one to understand the local society as well as read signs and know the environment better (Valoes, 2014, 1).

Further, students find learning foreign boring and discouraging. Students usually find themselves as passive participants in classes when learning foreign languages. Their expectation is that the teachers are supposed to deliver to them the language (Lampariello, 2017,1). This makes the sessions not effective as the leaners see it as the teacher's responsibility.

In conclusion, there is the need for foreign language to be taught in high school. The opportunities that come with learning a foreign language are far too many. The paradigm shift in teaching and learning technique can also be employed in order to improve the learner's attitudes towards learning of foreign language. It improves people's standards of living as well as creating employment in the foreign countries and improves the country's peace and cohesion because foreign language can be used to solve national issues.

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