Free Essay Dedicated to Effective Writing Approach

Published: 2022-03-24
Free Essay Dedicated to Effective Writing Approach
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The following report will critically analyze the activities that are involved in the expressing of oneself as well as developing of the reading skills in English. The report will entail the activities goals as well as outcomes that are attained during the writing lesson of the text Importance of Technology in the Modern World (Refer to Appendix A). The process of planning for the lesson, therefore, requires the teacher to get involved in the appropriate text and content to be used in the writing skills as per their students choice and preferences. Also, the topic and the genre used in this plan is considered to be authentic by the students and it will surely motivate them and promote their long-life learning.

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This activity conforms to the English criteria obtained from the curriculum (Hyland 45). The course aims at realizing the below primary content;

Subject areas that are concrete and abstract and associated with the education, societal, working period, present issues, opinion, experiences and feelings of the student (Hyland 58).

Ideas, content, and themes within literature and film (Gibbons, 2009).

Life status, values, behaviors, social matters and cultural setups of various contexts all over the globe that use English (Gibbons 32).

Pre-Writing Activities

Mapping of the mind

Do the students have a feeling that technology affects them? IN this case, some of the questions that will emerge include: How do students view issues concerning technology? What is their recent technological advancement that they know? How much do they appreciate technology? This strategy will bring the students' understanding close to what they anticipate study. The students' perceptions need to be aligned to that identified by Walqui, and Leo Van Lier (107),. prior to writing.

The student can give issues that they are aware of about technology. I will recommend them to try and define some of the terminologies that relate to the topic, and the positive and negative impacts of technology.

I will provide the guidelines to the students "A letter to the editor" together with the paper instructions: how to work with writing step by step and with grading criteria (see Appendix A and B).

The class interaction will be of the essence when I will use a projector to illustrate the structure of the later that I had provided earlier together with the use of the thesis statement and why it is important to use during the writing (see Appendix C). The student will need to provide the respective thesis statement on the last sentence of the introduction which explains what the whole reading is all about.

Plagiarism is another major project that the student is vulnerable to avoid, the students will be allowed to Students allow writing the assignment during the two-lesson period to avoid the plagiarism.

The external factors that the students to get while writing the text also known as the Top-Down approach, include:

What type of text is it?

What is the communicative intent, purpose?

Who is the receiver of the text?

What does the writer want to "say"?

The internal factors to consider while writing also referred to as Bottom-Up, include

How does the whole text "stick together"?

How do the different sections fit with one another?

How does the author create a context?

Other activities to consider prior to the start of the paper include

Ask students to choose the topic and brainstorm ideas on the topic

Ask students to write the mind map in the paper.

Each idea from the mind map may be written as a separate (as paragraph)

While writing

While the students are actively writing I will provide them with the paper of useful pattern (see appendix D). They will be able to get the outline or structure on what their paper is expected to look like, they will understand how ideas, sentence and paragraph flow to maintain coherence and cohesion.

I will be monitoring the students while they are actively participating in their writing activities, and concurrently I will be giving immediate feedback regarding their participation.

Post Writing

Formative assessment (Wiliam 16) is a significant step to follow once after reading, this will include diagnostic testing, where I the teacher, will perform the formal and informal assessment in order to check the students' skills depending on the grading criteria or rubric by offering an on-going feedback and enhancing student attainment (see appendix D).

The informative assessment is performance and content driven; whereas, formal will gauge the overall accomplishment of the reading activity, to compare the performance of the student alongside others such as grade to understand students weakness and strength.


The writing activity as one of English genre is meant to assist the student to develop knowledge and understanding of language together with their surrounding across the world in order for them to have the desire, ability as well as the confidence to apply English in the diverse situation and for various purposes in life. Students need to get equal opportunities, through the use of language in meaningful context and functional, to establish all-round communicative skills. The discussed outing on how to conduct the reading process in the class effectively makes it easy for the native and the non-native students to appreciate whatever they have learned and been able to apply it in the real-life context.

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Wiliam, Dylan. "Assessment: The bridge between teaching and learning." Voices from the Middle 21.2 (2013): 15.

Appendix A: A letter to the Editor

The Editor,

I feel privileged to be reading your newspaper at the moment. Meanwhile, allow me to take this golden opportunity to share with you my thoughts based on the below subject;

It is important to use technology in the modern countries

Following the use of technology, our standards of living have indeed improved. Our needs get fulfilled with fewer complications. Technology has revolutionized the sector of the agriculture due to the food production that has robustly increased. Our needs are fulfilled with a lot of ease. Technology has come with advancements in the sector of agriculture thus leading to the increment in the food production. Due to the developments noted in the sectors of architecture and engineering, there has a rapid increment in the building of civil structures. Technology has created a boost in each industry. Likewise, there has been an increment in businesses thus leading to the emergence of various opportunities in employment. Technological advancements have led to the emergence of new and quicker means of transport and communication as well. The use of technology has also been a boost in the fields of research that includes the genetics up to the extra-terrestrial space. Also, the internet technologies and the computers are also ubiquitous. Indeed, technology in the modern world has come with changes in each sector that includes the education, tourism, entertainment, medicine and many more. Technology has reached each life aspects thus leading to being easy and unique as well. Technology has brought changes in the way of living.

Were it not for the application of technology; we could not have been in a position of producing electric energy or harnessing it currently. Presently, it is possible to generate electricity by use of several technological means. Heat from of energy gets converted into its mechanical form thus making it possible in the driving of turbines are in connection with the electrical generator involved in the production of electricity. Through the use of the overhead and underground based cables, it is possible to distribute electricity to the smallest units of households in the far end part of the world, an attribute being given to technology. What has contributed towards the possibility of using several sources of energy towards the generation of electricity has been the technology itself. As already said before, the application of technology has made it possible for the channeling of electricity to far distant places.

Another question that one may ask is then how our primary needs become so satisfied in an easy manner if no the sake of the technology. The man was capable of meeting his needs even before the onset of technology. How it was not easy by that time and was also rudimentary. A look at the modern food that is always fresh or processed and also the same food can be availed to any one's place of residence anytime. On the side of clothing, we find that there are several clothes that enhance a lot of comforts and also fit with various occasions and times. One may ask how the aspect of technology gets in here. In every place ranging from food to fashion, the world of technology has had a role that it plays. We tend to ask ourselves how it could it have been possible to engage in this mass production. For instance, in the present shelters, there are the tall buildings, luxury forms of apartments and bungalows that have been constructed as a result of technology.

Businesses either small or big need technology to progress. All over the globe, there is an increase and expansion of businesses due to the advancement in technology. In all these scenarios, it is indeed the technology that offers strength to the organizations to continue spreading their wings. Had it not been for the aspect of technology, it would not have been easy for the complicated industrial processes to function. Also, had it not for the invention of computers, it would not have been possible for the growth of the software industry. Businesses that are growing offer employment to people and the aspect of technology serve a bigger role in their growth. In this regard, it marks on how technology is in the modern countries.

Technology has come with changes in the way of communication among people. Systems of communication have emerged from the pigeons that convey messages to emails and instant form of messaging that cover longer distances within seconds. Cellular type of technology and the satellite type of communication brought increment in the speeds thus making it easier in the connection. Internet on its part has made it possible in easier exchange of the information over long distances. Even currently, one is capable of accessing a page from a server in a far distant country. Within a few clicks, your computer can navigate you to any place because of the internet technology. You find yourself entering a new world without even noticing it.

Following all the aspects so far identified in this review, it is wise to acknowledge that technology is indeed important to the modern countries. Technology cannot be whisked away. Despite that it may also have with it its demerits; it has come with a lot of impacts on the lives of people in a similar manner as shared in this discussion. Hence, technology indeed remains very important to use in the modern countries.

Appendix B: Definition of Words


Noun technology \ tek-na-le-je \

Definition of technology

plural technologies

1a: the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area: engineering 2

medical technology

b: a capability is given by the practical applicat...

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