Essay Sample for Everyone: Commercial Advertising in China

Published: 2022-06-17
Essay Sample for Everyone: Commercial Advertising in China
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Commercial advertising creates awareness of a company's products and lets the target market audience know that a business exists and that the products and services offered by the company solve the needs and wants of their lives. The message in commercial advertising helps educate a business's customers about the offerings as well as helps build brand identity in a possibly competitive market. Commercial advertising has been in use throughout different countries in the world, but the scale of use has increased towards the end of the twentieth century and the early twenty-first century. In, for instance, commercial advertising become highly used after Mao Zedong's era. During the Mao's period, the Chinese economy was based on a communism theoretical background whereby advertising had no place. Different mediums of advertising used in China included; oral medium, i.e., music, use of written books, signboards, and printed ads in newspapers as well as radio and film advertisement (Wang 5).

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The Cultural Revolution era which occurred 1966-1976 was a ten year political and ideological campaign which was aimed at reviving the revolutionary spirit, this era produced massive social, economic and political upheaval in China. The Cultural Revolution brought an abrupt end to the budding commercial advertising in China (Wang 8). As a result of the revolution, the "New China" emerged. This was an era which was characterized by the massive transformation of ideologies in most sectors of the economy. The "new reformed China" become more open to new reforms in business. Therefore by 1979, commercial advertising become more popular in the Chinese economy with the first commercial ad being aired on television. The Chinese economy grow more aware of the importance of commercial advertising, and thus high growth has been experienced in the Chinese advertising industry, China's entry into World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001 marked the peak in the revolutionization of the Chinese commercial advertising industry (Wang 2). The sector by 2005 commanded a massive $18 billion total billing. This number has increased and is expected to grow by a large margin before 2020 has the commercial advertising industry gains more prominence (Wang 1).

Commercial advertising in China has resulted in a vast shopping revolution. Shopping behaviors, as well as the technology platforms, have evolved differently than elsewhere in the world (Wang). This change can be attributed to techniques used in the commercial advertising industry6 such as brand positioning, user-generated content ads as well as internet advertising (Wang 27, 70). Businesses can achieve differentiation through used of commercial advertising to build their brand in a competitive market (Wang 72). The rate of commercial advertising growth and adoption in China has grown higher for the last five years than any other country in the world. E-commerce has been growing in China at twice the speed it has been increasing in the United States, UK and Germany combined. The growth has wholly revolutionized shopping in China. Spontaneous buying on the internet has been raised. Consumers of various products can access information about the products easily through the different commercial ads placed on the internet, place orders and pay for the orders at their own convenient time. This has increased the consumer's ultra-convenience. This means that consumers will prefer to shop what they want and when they want it as opposed to the traditional push strategies which influenced the consumer behaviors. It is important to acknowledge that commercial advertisement industry is growing rapidly in the world and the impact is significant.

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