Present your possible intervention project to at least one other professional in your community.

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The population based nursing care project selected is a healthcare project focused on the health issues of populations brought together by the similar characteristics they share. In this case, the population selected is teenagers from the community who smoke cigarettes.

One of the main ways to help them is to provide them with as much help as possible to quit. This should be done in stages. Firstly, there should be awareness programs aimed at educating these teens about the dangers of smoking. This will prepare them for the second step of the project, which entails getting them started on their voluntary quitting process.

This stage will comprise the supply of quitting aides to the teenage smoker for use during their quitting process. The smokers should get these nicotine patches, electric cigarettes and any other aids needed for free or at subsidized prices. This is in the interest of giving them as much assistance as possible to help them to quit this dangerous habit.

This stage demands a lot of willpower. They need to be supported via means of individual and mass counselling. They also need to be educated about social decisions that might lead to smoking. The teenagers who undertake this stage successfully will by the end of it have successfully kicked the smoking of cigarettesPresent your possible intervention project to your practicum group and share feedback you received from the professional mentioned above. Discuss your role as an advocate and healthcare leader in promoting positive social change as a scholar-practitioner to improve the health of vulnerable populations in your community.Please address the following in your discussions: Share feedback you received as a result of presentation to another profession in the community.

The type of feedback received after making a presentation to another profession in the community was mainly positive. They mainly agreed that the project would be very beneficial to the community at large. They also had questions about the implementation of the project if it were to be undertaken.

First, there were questions about the first stage. They mainly wanted to know if there was a plan in place to create the required notes, posters and pamphlets to be used for educating the teens. They also wanted to know what plans I had made to get the attention of the teens so that they can get started on the program.

Secondly, they also wanted to know the financing aspects of the second phase. To execute this stage successfully there needs to be a continuous supply of funds to be used in the purchase of the quitting aids that will be put to use by these teenagers who have decided to quit smoking.

They also had issues with the presumption that the prices of these things that will aid in quitting could be as low as possible. They noted that it was possible if the funding was purposely aimed at making them free. If all these issues were dealt with successfully, these project will be a success and will benefit the community as a whole.

Discuss your role as an advocate and healthcare leader in promoting positive social change as a scholar-practitioner to improve the health of vulnerable populations in your community.

My role would entail educating the population about the dangers of social habits like the smoking of cigarettes. They should also get educated in the benefits of not taking up this unhealthy habit. A big reason why this problem needs addressing communally is the fact that social attitudes in the community one is from play a very big role in the growth of a person. If a child grows up in a community where teenagers smoke, they will normally take up this habit by copying their friends. If it is dealt with at the community level, it will end the problem.


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