Free Paper Describing Some Events of American History

Published: 2022-03-28
Free Paper Describing Some Events of American History
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Entry 1: The Cold War

The US took part in a cold war with Russia after the World War II. Why did it engage in the war? The best reason why the two nations engaged each other in the war must have been nuclear weapon control. Both Russia and the US were engaged in making atomic bombs, so they could not stop each other. Also, the two nations fought over the economic policy. That is the reason America through the Truman Doctrine adopted the policy of supporting other nations threatened by military conquest. It believed that military aid would make the world support capitalism and shun communist ideologies.

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Entry 2: Launching the United Nations

Why was the United Nations launched? And what was the role of the US in its formation? The idea of the United Nations came as a need to avert future world wars. Having led the ending of the Second World War, perhaps America felt obliged to maintain the world peace and order. In 1944, as a significant member of the Allied power, America rallied China, UK, and the Soviets Union to the meeting that first meeting in which the idea of forming an international organization was discussed formally for the first time. America became a permanent member of the organization's Security Council. America also hosted the meeting in which the UN was launched, thereby remaining as the host of all General Assembly Meetings.

Entry 3: The Vietnam War

Up to date the participation of the United States the Vietnam War has proved to be very controversial. The reason for its involvement was to stop socialism which was gaining root across the country. This issue of communism was due to the wrong decisions that were made worldwide. The then president of the US, Kennedy opposed the idea of joining the war and the interest of the United States in Asian disputes. The Vietnam war resulted in the communist governments taking power from Laos, Cambodia and South Vietnam. By the end of 1975, the United States had removed most of its troops following the Paris Peace Accords between U.S Secretary of State and Foreign Minister for North Vietnam.

Entry 4: Korean War

The Korean War began in 1950, and the US joined after just a month in support of South Korea. The question one asks is, what was the interest of America in the war? Apparently, America never joined any war where they did not have an interest. In this one, the US perceived the war against the North as an opportunity to fight communism. However, the participation of the US in the war was limited by the complexity of creating a balance between its interest and those of its allies like Soviets and China, which as communist nations, did not support the war between North and South Korea.

Entry 5: Cuban Missile Crisis

America in its war against communism showed intentions to avert the revolutions that Fidel Castro began in Cuba in the mid-1950s. The Soviets being at cold war with the US over economic policy, occupied Cuba and set up nuclear missiles in readiness for America's attack. In response, America surrounded the region with its naval officers to communicate its readiness to fight for its interests in the country. However, the tension, which threatened to put the world into a nuclear war was resolved when the US and Soviets reached an agreement. The deal was that both Soviets and the US withdraw their soldiers from Cuba.

Entry 6: Lebanon Crisis

The crisis involved a civil war in Lebanon, between Christians and Muslims. The tension had been escalated by the decision of the president of Lebanon, Camille Chamoun to continue working with Christian nations that were perceived to be undermining the interests of the Arab world. How did America get to Lebanon? President Chamoun has requested for military help from the US to help him contain the crisis until the end of his tenure in office. Merica offered the help for three months, enabling the government of Lebanon to regain control of its Beirut airport and seaports. America was also interested in supporting the cooperation of Lebanese government with Christian nations.

Entry 7: Monroe Doctrine

Monroe doctrine is an American policy that prohibited European and any other imperial power from interfering with the sovereignty of nations in the Western hemisphere. America applied the policy in 1904 against European nations when they threatened to conquer some Latin nations to reclaim the payment of their debts. America, which has declared the region as its area of influence announced intentions to guard against the violations. Accordingly, it sent naval troops to Haiti, Nicaragua, and Santo Domingo to ensure that Europeans did invade the region. The intervention of the United States was, however, welcomed with suspicion in Latin America, so it did not improve the nations' cooperation with the US.

Entry 8: The Rio Treaty

The Rio Treaty is an agreement that countries in the Western hemisphere made to protect each other when attacked by external aggressors. America had the strongest military and economic power among all the countries bound by the pact. Therefore, it could have entered the treaty merely for the military coalition with the Latin American countries. One reason why it would have engineered the treaty was to create a relationship of mutual trust and loyalty with the Latin American countries. It was more dignified enforcement of the Monroe Doctrine on the nations. Thus, through the treaty, the Latin American states ratified the idea of being America's protectorate.

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