Free Essay Sample on Yahoo Financial Page

Published: 2022-02-18
Free Essay Sample on Yahoo Financial Page
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Yahoo is a web service company that provides an array of services including financial information. Through its dedicated yahoo finance page, the company provides financial information of top companies globally, but the focus is on U.S. market. The page initially provides stock prices of major companies' particularly biggest gainers and losers of the day. In the page, Morgan Stanley (MS) Company is presented with information about the company appearing sparingly (Yahoo Finance, 2018). There are three types of information that are available through the search of MS. Information on the changes of stock prices at NYSE, news relating to management and structural changes of the company and information of other companies offering similar services as MS is also provided.

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Morgan Stanley is a company incorporated in the U.S. that provide financial and investment services. A search about the company on the page provides information on the stock price of the company at NYSE (Yahoo Finance, 2018). The information is not much detailed by a snap preview of changes that have occurred in three periods is presented with the price change and the percentage change. The changes are presented using different colors with green signifying growth. A graph is also available to guide the user in analyzing the changes at specific times of the day (Gibson, 2012). One can click for further information, but the graphical and snap preview is enough for someone with knowledge on stock prices. The page also has information on stock prices of other companies that offer or operate in the same market as MS (Yahoo Finance, 2018). The second type of information is news about the company concerning recent changes or moves taken to enhance competitiveness. The news appears from different dates and is detailed since a link is provided for one to read (Gibson, 2012). The type of information is from independent business authors who write to help the public get refined information about the company. The other type of information is news and stock prices of rivals or companies that offer similar services. The purpose of such information is to help the reader expand the scope of knowledge beyond that of MS. The information is crucial since it is detailed and in some cases provides a comparison between companies.

The yahoo financial page is wide concerning the scope and is a quality addition for a professional. The page provides a collection of financial information of major companies in the economy. As an individual, this site is helpful in making investment decisions. The section where the page provides information major loser and gainers will guide one in identifying performing companies (Gaudecker, 2015). It is through the information and analysis of stock prices that one can choose a company to buy stocks. Besides, the site guides one in choosing the best services and products in the market. In the case of an investment decision, one can choose MS since the site has provided information that shows a continuous rise in the stocks of the company. On a professional level, the site offers an easy path of choosing a company to seek employment (Gaudecker, 2015). Additionally, the site compares performance which is crucial for a professional in developing long-term performance plans.

Yahoo financial page gathers for all the financial needs in the economy. The site is user-friendly and straightforward making it easier to locate important information. The search option redirects one to the right information after which it can be explored widely. Yahoo company made a wise decision to offer the financial service to help the majority of the users to make sound financial decisions.


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