Free Essay on Sports Facility Management

Published: 2022-09-29
Free Essay on Sports Facility Management
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Why did it take a postseason meeting to identify the issue?

It is through meetings that ideas can be brought to a common pool and the best of them fetched and implemented. The postseason meeting was meant to lead to better reasons for a decline in attendance as compared to individual opinions. Even during event briefing, staff meetings can be considered important and a good opportunity for the reinforcement of skills and a discussion of the possible risks and scenarios (Ammon, 2016). The meeting was also a mode of assigning supervisors who can work with the responsible people to make sure that everything is in place so that the required attendance is met. The postseason meeting was also a mode of encouragement for the management to get together and network with each other. Through the meeting, therefore, trust and respect could better be built and the goals for the next season could be written down as well as the strategies that would aim towards getting to the number of attendants per their wish.

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What should management have done the previous season?

The management has to take necessary precautions, as well as be prepared to respond effectively and efficiently in a way that they could have solved any problems arising before they are seen (Hall, 2012). In their line of duty, the management could be consistent and responsible for creating a plan to be followed within and without the sporting event. This could have involved deploying various staff at strategic locations in the field as well as out of the field to ensure that irresponsible behavior is dealt with accordingly. There could have also been poor communication that did not let them build trust and respect effectively with the individuals a the operations side. The management should have also ensured that every party is present during the planning of the baseball event so that all issues are raised as well as their solutions determined from the common pool of ideas. Such actions would have seen the success of the event and the absence of irresponsible behavior from some fans.

How can the fans be assured that the code of conduct will be carried out?

The new code of conduct, as well as the alcohol policy, could be assured to the fans by listing them at the entrance of the sporting event. Additionally, security checks can be placed at the entrance to make sure that everyone understands the security present at the sporting event. Ushers and assistants could also be placed strategically within the field in uniforms to let the fans see the presence of the enforcement of law and order. Additionally, the new text technology would be hard evidence that the code of conduct is being carried out as the security staff would always be in a position to respond to any irresponsible behavior. The fans could also be started with a demonstration of the technology being used regarding the safety of the attendants. An act could be staged to show how any irresponsible behavior would be solved. Issuing a notice to the fans in advance regarding their safety and security would be the first step to an assurance of the implementation of the code of conduct.

What type of staff recruitment and training should be in place?

The best recruitment and training policies of staff should be chosen for various sport and event organizations (Masterman, 2006). The organization would consider using the in-house safety and security personnel in its staff recruitment and training. For this sports organization, since it is a large organization, it ought to have its own human resources officer and a department of hiring (Nunez & Vendrell, 2017). The staff recruitment, in this case, should including developing a formal job description that would assist the applicants of the position better be acquainted with the duties and responsibilities awaiting them. Staff recruitment would mean that the organization provides identification data, organization data, job summary, and content. By using an in-house safety and security personnel, the organization would be avoiding the conditions that would lead to a high turnover of staff, which would later cause an attraction of candidates with little experience regarding the position. Additionally, staff training would be centered on incident management strategies, the practices of risk management, plans regarding safety and security, and the principles related to response and recovery (Ammon, 2016).

Should management segment family sections?

Even with their aim to create a friendlier family environment for the coming season, the management should not segment any family sections. Segmenting these sections would mean that the event cannot be promoted as a family experience. It was noted that families with children consisted more than half of the attendance previously. Segmenting them would lead to more violent behavior (Hall, 2012). Madensen and Eck (2008) noted that males could lead to violent behaviors more than females. Therefore, a sporting event such as this one would mean more violent behavior by males as soon as the family sections are segmented. Violence created by males tend to follow player violence during football (Madensen & Eck, 2008). Additionally, segmenting family sections would mean crowding, which plays a role in aggressive behavior. In the case of crowding, spectators' mobility is limited hence, more chances of unintended physical contact amongst them leading to violence. Therefore, it would not be advisable to segment family sections as they would lead to aggressive behavior as well as violence.

What should the policy be for violations of the code of conduct?

Security management is one of the most critical topics in sports education (Marciani, Hall, & Finch, 2009). Concerning security, all patrons ought to be responsible for their conduct and the conduct of their guests. Through following the code of conduct, a safe environment would be created that disseminates irresponsible behavior from the fans. Additionally, fans code of conduct is also important in ensuring good behavior during the event. Any violations of the code of conduct should see actions being taken against the violators. If the fans neglect the code of conduct enforced by ushers, they could be thrown outside, or given a warning before attending the event. This would ensure preparedness for the fans as well as safety for the attendants of the event. Additionally, any violator within the event could be asked to leave or be segmented to avoid a civil riot. Setting up the measures against violators of the code of conduct would ensure a safe and secure sporting event, as well as make sure that more fans are attracted to the event and not chased away like the previous season.

How will two-way communication with fans by text be expanded to marketing?

The marketing and media staff selected during planning should be responsible for the two-way communication with fans by text. Marketing could be done through various channels. While performing their duties such as video screenings, commercials, half-time shows, and venue signage, the marketing staff would integrate the concept of two-way communication with the intent of letting the fans understand its use as well as the benefits associated with the technology. Using such channels would ensure an increase of fan awareness regarding security policies and procedures in an easy manner (Westerbeek, 2006). The marketing team could also increase awareness and marketing when selling tickets and when issuing the enjoyable fan experience, as they are supposed to. Alternately, the collaboration between the marketing team and the security team would ensure that the technology is expanded to marketing, for instance, through the creation of ads with their accomplices.


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