Free Example on a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Personal Statement

Published: 2022-07-04
Free Example on a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Personal Statement
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I have a great passion for mental health nursing, having worked with stroke patients and nursing home residents with mental health problems. My passion was aggravated by the fact that a large number of people in my community suffered mental illness, though, a majority of them did not receive adequate treatment and care. Mental health problems are on the rise and this is an area that requires a high level of specialty to deal with the emerging and complex needs of the patients that change from time to time. As a psychiatric mental health nurse, I was mainly involved in diagnosing and treating individuals with psychiatric problems and identifying the possible risk factors that could be contributing to the disorders. I have had various experiences with the patients from different backgrounds presenting with varied mental problems and through that, I have developed diverse approaches for exploring various psychiatric disorders and how to deal with the patients. The profession requires a lot of patience considering that some of the patients may be cooperative or even willing to share their experiences, especially when the disorders arise from past traumatic experiences. Evidence-based and patient-centered approaches to nursing have been essential in helping me interact with the various patients and providing long-lasting solutions to their problems.

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Early and accurate diagnosis of the mental disorders is essential for proper prognosis of the patients. In most cases, the mental disorder diagnosis may be confusing and one may easily misdiagnose the patients. In such cases, the quality of care delivery deteriorates and this means that the patient's condition may not be fully addressed. I have learned to interact with patients from a holistic approach and ensure that I provide good listening ears to understand their concerns and offer comprehensive care that enhances their well-being.

I am interested in working with the imprisoned African Americans who suffer from the mental health diseases to address the social-cultural stigmas and health disparities. Having the opportunity, I will gain more knowledge on how to address socio-cultural issues in the mental health apart from helping them recover quickly. I will be able to understand the social and cultural issues aggravating the worrying incidences of mental disorders among the African American population. The intercultural conflict has emerged as one of the most challenging issues in the healthcare service delivery. Different people have different cultural values and practices which are likely to affect their choice of medical therapy and interventions to be adopted in the treatment of mental health issues. Therefore, having a diverse background in terms of intercultural interaction will equip me with the necessary skills for effective medical service delivery in the future. I have worked with the stroke patients in the nursing homes and I have learned the importance of holistic care delivery to such patients.

I have a detailed professional development plan which I believe will help me realize my dreams as a nurse. I believe interacting with the African Americans suffering from mental health diseases will give me a new experience in terms of patients' interaction and application of the various nursing theories in practical situations. I will work jointly with the other qualified nursing staffs in the senior position to explore the challenges and the possible solutions to adopt in improving mental wellness among the designated populations as far as social stigma and disparities are concerned.

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