Decolonization: Last Shall Be First in the Liberation Process

Published: 2022-12-28
Decolonization: Last Shall Be First in the Liberation Process
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The liberation process always results in violence, and the process, one group is replaced by another. Decolonization occurs when the decolonized group develops an interest in achieving radical change by getting liberated from the colonizer. The colonizer, on the other hand, strives to remain in control to enjoy economic and political stability as well as other privileges.

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Decolonization has a link with Christianity through the words "the last shall be the first "and has its roots on the idea of modern liberation (Fanon 2007). The differing interests of the colonizers and the colonized are what triggers violence. The army and the police attack the colonized to reinforce the agenda of the colonizers. Colonizers live in fear because they are aware that the wealthy were not acquired in the right way. They, therefore, undermine the colonized and view those undeveloped human beings. The colonized population consists of only the white and the black with the former being superior to the later. The white is considered rich, successful and developed while the black is perceived as poor, undeveloped and unsuccessful.

Colonizers justified their actions by claiming that the host population cannot live with the civilized (Fanon 2007). They were also labeled as enemies of civilized values and standards. The indigenous populations were associated with evil and were degraded like animals or parasites that needed to be eliminated. The colonizers tried to brainwash the indigenous population by telling them that they could benefit from the colonialist system. The indigenous elite was willing to engage in dialogue, but the majority were not interested in the value dialogue because all that mattered to them was land. Decolonization made the blacks to realize their value and dignity which in turn set them free from fear.

The colonizers, however, did not get tired of fighting to sustain their privileges, but instead, they applied other strategies (Fanon 2007). One of the strategies was incorporating the indigenous elite in the colonial system. These elites, however, did not succeed in influencing the locals who were fighting for their resources. The elites paid little or no attention to the political and economic issues but were concerned with peaceful solutions to safeguard their privileges.

The colonization causes repression among the indigenous population; hence the reason why they are always eager to unleash their anger (Fanon 2007). However, the violence can be solved by opposing the ideologies of the colonizers through a nonviolent approach. Dealing with colonization through a peaceful approach helps in avoiding losses that arise when people engage in violence. With peaceful opposition loses are eliminated through compromise whereby the political leaders take the responsibility of ensuring that both the colonizers and the indigenous population compromise. The colonizers obtained information which had an impact on their government. They started decolonization because they acknowledged that the indigenous population was likely to rebel against them.

Decolonization is triggered by violence with activities that make the colonizers see that there is a change in society (Fanon 2007). When the colonizers notice that there are unpleasant activities they demand stricter measures that may lead to the arrest of the indigenous population leaders and engagement of the military force. When the indigenous population experience such actions they become aggressive and can attack the colonizers when they are slightly provoked. The indigenous leaders fail to participate in such activities because they are promised leadership positions in independent countries if they succeed in ensuring that there are peace and stability in the country. They, therefore, collaborate with the colonizers to oppress the people.

Through decolonization, the colonizers realize that they are no longer in control many goods and privileges which makes them impatience thereby increasing fear and possibility of violence (Fanon 2007). The local population is split between the socialism and capitalism ideas, and they are convinced that liberation can only be achieved violence means. The international journalists in colonial countries support an environment of insecurity, violence, and fear. The journalists make the World believe that after the colonizers left a particular country, it becomes worse than it was. This has an impact on diplomacy because it gives rise to stereotypical democracy. During the Korean War, the colonized countries enjoyed support from socialist countries.

The decolonization process has enabled the indigenous population to discover their identity and dignity (Fanon 2007). The colonized were torn between supporting the socialist, the capitalist ideology or being neutral. They, therefore, did not concentrate on political and economic activities. The liberation process consisted of state and nation formation, fight against poverty, illiteracy fight and endeavor to develop. Although people are united during liberation fight, they soon get separated based on the regions. Additionally, the leaders of colonies who had high expectations think that there is underdevelopment because they think that it is easy to reach the level of the developed countries.

Despite being liberated the colonized accept the financial and political support from the colonizers. The colonizers, therefore, came back in the third world countries as investors and layout certain conditions that the country should meet. The colonized should not see the support as humanitarian because the colonizers have the duty of improving the conditions that they left behind.


Fanon, F. (2007). The wretched of the earth. Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

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