Free Essay on Selling Is the Pillar of Any Enterprise

Published: 2023-03-19
Free Essay on Selling Is the Pillar of Any Enterprise
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Selling is the pillar of any enterprise. The accomplishments of business are entirely independent of the ability to sell not only goods and services but also the way a company presents itself. Perhaps the only salesperson in the enterprise, one makes the business visible. The salesperson builds the business image the buyers see; when selling services or goods, a salesperson is an essential link between products and services.

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Salesmanship entails the ability to comprehend consumer needs and wants. It needs to be able to translate those needs and wants into goods or services which can be sold. As much as the product and services from one enterprise are substantial, sales representative attitudes and actions toward customers build an image and reputation in the consumer's mind (Ingram, LaForge, Williams, & Schwepker, 2015). Both the status and images formed in the mind of a client difference your businesses from your rivals. This is way as a salesperson; one needs to use an informed strategy to create a productive dialogue and presentations of their company. Sales transpire as long as one is in contact with the consumer- indirectly or directly.

Therefore, to adapt to customer needs and wants one needs to embrace a customer-oriented attitude as my grandparent who runs an online shop us tells me "When you're selling, you need to leave behind the focus on your business and your products and focus instead on your customer and your customer's needs." Mainly if one is doing t their selling as the operator of their own business, this may appear challenging at first. For instance, my first-time experience when I was helping my grandparents with marketing, I could not wait to tell everyone what the overall best elements of my goods are and how my grandparent grocery shop is differentiated and better than the other rivals are. The approach I used resulted in a drop in selling since it was not customer-focused selling. Buyers and clients are not interested in talks of how great and successful the company is or how the enterprise is superb or how outstanding the company's goods are. What they are interested in is their concerns being answered (Ingram, LaForge, Williams & Schwepker, 2015). Presently, consumers are overflowing with information, and they are exhausted of slick, high-tech presentations. Thus, active dialogue and performance are all about addressing issues and concerns. Besides, when preparing ta presentation should put in mind that Customer- based selling means picturing yourself in the client's shoes from the starts to the end of the presentation and dialogue process

The customer-base presentation must help the company's customers find benefits. A salesperson needs to create their dialogue in a manner that completely stressed and immersed in assisting customers. Therefore, during the preparation period, a salesperson needs to focus on how he/she can deliver as many benefits as possible toward the consumer's objective. As business practices presently have become more sophisticated, a salesperson is required to explore and address customers who have various concerns. For instance, when the manufacture's sales representatives are doing a presentation of their good s lines to retailers, they regularly assume that the clients are sufficiently thoughtful of how excellent the salesperson's product will sell-through to the purchasers of their store.

Nonetheless, the storeowners may have extra worries that the salesperson is more probably to oversee. The store owner may be worried about how the goods will affect their broad product mix, how it will affect their monthly open-to-buy financial plan, what cooperative marketing capital may be present, and how consistent the restocking program will be. Nowadays, each purchaser has an exclusive concern and a company cannot sell until it finds what those concerns are

One another important lesson I learned is that relationships with clients serve an essential role in effective salesmanship. The relationship between business owners and customers should be the focus of business rather than ales. To build long-lasting relationships and potential for sales, observe customers, ask questions, and react to their wants and needs, and above all, get feedback from them. The skilled salesperson listens, obtains the meaning of what customers are saying, and is observant of cues that signal the opportunity to close a sale.

To be useful as a salesperson, one is needed to take a keen interest in building customer loyalty and trust. The first in building trust and loyalty is through identifying critical details of clients; the second step entails differentiating customers. Customers can be differentiated centered on the value they stand for and on their needs. From there, one can create a forum for interaction. The objective of an interactive discussion is to learn more about the client in making a purchase, utilizing a service, or while the customer is making a complaint. The last step involves customization. This is the most vital step as it establishes all the learning regarding the customer to provide real value by personalizing some features of the service associated with a product. Chapter 6 states that most products have many features, but buyers do not have interest in all those features, therefore, when customization is conducted based on information acquired during interaction section; it enhances the ability to match the product and service to the client's exact needs

The style adopted for presentation shapes images to be created. A relaxed communication approach can formulate a welcoming image in the mind of a potential buyer. Besides, chapter 7 stresses that incorporating verbal support features such as analogies and comparisons helps to enhance the dialogue process. A well-calculated style of communicating builds credibility, instills a sense of trustworthiness and conveys competence. Although the ability to use language effectively does not foretell sales success, it can contribute to a vibrant relationship with the customers and more significant potential for sales. In other words, excellent communication skills during presentation and sales dialogue bring in customers by articulating a favorable and accurate image of a business.

In conclusion, good salesmanship needs knowledge of the client, one's self, knowledge of their products, and services being sold. Further, the should know that their presentation needs to be customer-focused to win the trust and loyalty of their clients, and much of their focus needs not to be one product since customers are vital determinants of business success. Therefore, a salesmanship class for attention to relationships, planning to maximize networking chances and communicating effectively so customers can understand them correctly.


Ingram, T. N., LaForge, R. W., Williams, M. R., & Schwepker Jr, C. H. (2015). Sales management: Analysis and decision making. Routledge.

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