Essay Sample on Career Planning and Development

Published: 2023-04-09
Essay Sample on Career Planning and Development
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The chief human resource officer is responsible for ensuring that the recruitment of new employees is sufficient and the best and brightest employees get recruited. During the expansion of a company to a new location, there is a need to employ new people to take charge of the new office. There are various steps needed in this recruitment to ensure quality employees get identified. This paper looks at some of the things that the chief human resource officer should consider when recruiting new employees.

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Outsourcing Initial Recruitment

The company should consider outsourcing of initial recruitment to overcome some of the challenges associated with the hiring process. Outsourcing should be done to a recognized recruitment firm to assist in reducing the turnover rate and other significant problems. Some of these problems include identifying great candidates for the job. It is not easy, especially in a new town for the company to identify the right people to fill the vacant positions. Outsourcing solves this problem as it allows the firm to improve its employment branding by finding the people with the right qualifications to fill the positions (Nadda, Rafiq & Tyagi, 2017). Another challenge is that the hiring process diverts the attention and resources of the organization to the hiring process. By outsourcing, the firm can concentrate on its core business by allowing a consultant to recruit the employees without the company having to move away from its core business.

Media Used for Recruiting

Various media types can get used for the recruitment of new employees. It is therefore essential that the company identifies those that suit its recruitment process. Social recruitment has become popular where companies use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for advertising jobs, communicate with potential employees on the culture of the company and find talent (Micik & Eger, 2015). It has reached the point where companies must use social media for them to recruit competent employees successfully.

For this reason, the organization should adopt social media to recruit new employees. For instance, it can use LinkedIn to write a brief message that focuses on what exactly the company wants from potential employees. The firm should also use keywords as they will assist people in finding the company in the search. Even, fill the section on the company's specialty. Various social media channels will help the company connect with potential employees. One example is Hootsuite why the company can post exciting things about itself to help it influence recruits. Instagram is also an influential platform as it has the highest number of users of other social media platforms. It is hence an excellent place for the company to build its brand name and identify suitable employees. Other forms of media such as radio and television can be used to advertise new positions for those people who are not into social media.

Positions Needed

Various positions are needed for the proper performance of the company's new offices. As the firm develops, it requires a new management team in the new offices. Potential employees with the necessary qualifications should get recruited to fill these management positions. Some of the posts needed include an operations manager who is responsible for the overall financial success of the newly formed offices (Alvarado & Price, 2019). They will handle external relations with vendors, community leaders and lenders. The other position is that of an accountant. They will be responsible for ensuring that the income statements and balance sheets are in order. They are responsible for managing the finances of the newly formed offices. A receptionist will also be needed to handle phone calls, welcome visitors, billing, and other work as requested by the operations manager. A marketing manager is also necessary to promote the business and sell its products. A shipping and receiving person or manager is required to handle the materials and products coming and leaving the new offices. They are responsible for the packaging, transportation and warehousing of the finished products.

Timeline for Completing the Recruiting Process

The length that a hiring process should take has created a debate in many companies take too long to identify and hire new employees. The recruitment process should have consistent communication, sense of urgency and regular feedback. Companies are competing to have the best employees, which is why the firm should not take long in their hiring process. This are because the best employees have options in various jobs. The company should be able to brand itself as the best just as the employees brand themselves as the best. Once the company has identified suitable employees, it should move with urgency with consistent communication and urgency. The recommended time that the firm should take in the recruitment process should be between two and four weeks (Michels, 2018). If the hiring process takes more than four weeks, then the company risks losing the employee to other top companies.

Stakeholders Involved in Developing The Recruiting Plan

To ensure a high degree of success in the hiring process, the company is required to have a high degree of stakeholder management. To avoid hiring failures, the firm needs to have proper stakeholder engagement to prevent conflicts, political maneuvering and hidden agendas (Cohen, 2017). Stakeholder refers to those who are likely to be affected by the hiring process. The hiring team should be able to identify the critical stakeholders for the success of the hiring process. Stakeholders in the hiring process may include the hiring manager, human resources, or outsourced recruiters. The customers of the company are also key stakeholders as well as ass the suppliers of materials and other resources. Other groups affected by the hiring process should get identified, and groups capable of supporting the hiring process. After identifying the stakeholders, the firm should determine its commitment to the hiring process. The stakeholders should work together to ensure that the recruitment of the employees is successful. Each stakeholder should have a particular role in ensuring the recruitment is successful. For example, the human resource manager should lead, control, and define the hiring process.

Types of Costs Involved In Recruiting New Employees

The cost of hiring varies depending on the industry and location of the company. The total cost of hiring one employee could be as much as $5000 in the manufacturing industry, while recruitment in the service industry could amount to at least $1000 (Ballew, 2019). There are several costs related to the hiring process such as advertising costs, third-party recruiter fees, in-house salaries for recruiters, sign-on bonuses, employee referral bonuses and travel expenses, among others. The company may also incur employee relocation cost. The company should try as much as possible to avoid making a bad hire as it may be more expensive compared to hiring a productive employee. If the employee gets hired and the contract is terminated due to poor performance, then the company will incur the cost of hiring and training the replacement. Polls conducted indicate that the price for a bad hire could range between $25000 and $50000 (Ballew, 2019). The company should hence make the right hiring decision to avoid the extra cost of a bad hire.


The chief human resource manager for the company should make wise hiring decisions to ensure that the company identifies the right candidates to occupy the positions in the new offices. It will help reduce the cost of hiring as well as avoid conflicts between the stakeholders. Outsourcing of initial recruitment is recommended to reduce the cost of recruiting as well as to ensure the company remains focused on its core business.


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