Essay Sample: The Change I Can Make In the World

Published: 2023-03-21
Essay Sample: The Change I Can Make In the World
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Change is essential because it adds benefits to people's lives ranging from social, political, and economic aspects. Changing the world requires a clear understanding of the issue that affects people and hinders them from accomplishing their goals or objectives (Chen, Li, & Yu, 2015). In this scenario, I would bring a social change of global warming in which every individual has done little to eradicate the problem, wherein in some cases, they fail to acknowledge whether the issue exists. According to a scientist, global warming is portrayed as a severe threat due to industry fossil fuels and an increase in agriculture and population (Delworth et al. , 2015). I believe that bringing social change to global warming will result to remarkable progress in the world. So, being the student at Exeter University in England, I would collaborate with "Insert global warming company" to bring change in Devon County. Therefore, my project indicates the move I can make in the universe, my resources, challenges, and impacts.

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The Change I Want to Make

Global warming is the increase in temperature slowly in the world's atmosphere due to raising in heat (energy) striking the universe from the sun (Schneider et al., 2004). The atmosphere in the world has been acting as a greenhouse to avoid coldness. According to Ciplet, Roberts, and Khan (2015), an increase in fossil fuels like diesel, gasoline, natural gas, and kerosene and also petrochemicals like plastics, fertilizer results in to release of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which has negative impacts on the environment. Due to this, I would volunteer with Insert global warming organization, the most company in England that is managing the sorts of global warming through collaboration with various industries, and communities. This organization will help me in implementing the social change of global warming in England, particularly Devon region, the neighborhood to Exeter University. The England cities have been reporting the issues of climate change like powerful storms and rising sea levels leading to environmental ills such as water contamination, flooding, or air pollution (Freije, Hussain, & Salman, 2017). Hence, various global management companies are emerging to address problems associated with social equity and justice and climate changes.

How I want to do the Change

In combating the global warming impacts in the Devon region, I will volunteer with Insert global warming company to educate different organizations on how to analyze and measure Green House gas emissions. Every organization that desires to minimize the adverse effect on the environment and planet, as well as climate change, will measure GHG (greenhouse gas emissions) (Halpern, 2015). There are various private industries where the carbon footprint is certified and may assist organizations in regulating carbon dioxide emissions (Burge et al., 2016). By knowing GHG emissions, there should be analyzed to see which industry is most polluted to provide solutions towards reducing the issue (Hermoso et al., 2016). Also, I would train the organizations on how to reduce energy consumption. For instance, I would educate them on the importance of turning lights off in the evening in every office as it lowers the air conditioning, and heating resulting to energy consumption reduction and effect on climate.

Besides, I will advocate the fight for obsolescence and reduction of waste. Avoiding the disposal of stirrers, capsules, and cups for the coffee machine and offering kitchen crockery would minimize prints, leading to the reuse of papers as drafts, as well as recycling waste (Jang & Hart, 2015). Every organization needs to incorporate devices and equipment rather than using indisposable materials. Also, optimizing workings transportation would lower greenhouse gas emissions by motivating employees to carpool with others who reside jointly or offering a discount to use public transport can reduce carbon dioxide indirectly and avoiding climate change (Kotter, 2012). Accordingly, in fighting an adverse impact on global warming, the company needs to select sustainable suppliers who indicate conducive environmental practices (Laffoley & Baxter, 2016).

Additionally, I will volunteer with insert global warming company in mobilizing for climate change through encouraging public actors and politicians to reiterate on the impacts of global warming to the people. I believe these prominent people have a significant influence on mobilizing towards environment regulations that can have a considerable effect on global warming (Lehmann, Coumou, & Frieler, 2015). They can raise awareness to the media, consumers, employees, and various stakeholders on the importance of organizing hackathons, in house context, or campaigns towards fighting the environmental problems with results to GHG emissions (Zhong, 2016). For example, burning polythene paper materials and educating the importance of emulating disposable materials. Also, politicians can introduce technological devices that can help in reducing environmental pollution (Lewin, 2016). For instance, instead of traveling to meet others, one can incorporate video conferences or the internet. Finally, I would volunteer with insert global warming companies in assessing the progress towards environmental pollution reductions (Perlwitz, Hoerling, & Dole, 2015). For instance, I would involve third party consultancy to maintain accountability among businesses. However, irrespective of this initiative of eradicating adverse impacts on global warming, recent evidence has shown that almost 40 percent of companies do not support the idea of environmental regulations (Perrewe & Zellars, 1999). According to Liu and Perrewe (2005). Changing the world requires patient and persistence as the majority are ignorant of change.

In reiterating change, I propose various practices and theories of social change. First, my project relies on the theory of justice, which derives the idea from Piaget, the stages of cognitive development, which implies moral reasoning (Rhodes, 2016). The approach concerns with social acceptance and professional norms that are based on ethical principles (Willard, 2016). The development stages reflect the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, which are not dependent on external sanctions and rewards but held internally on moral principles (Sanford, 2017). The model is used to explain the moral development of leaders since the majority uses conventional reasoning. Basing on this theory of justice, volunteering with insert global warming companies will allow me to influence managers of every organization to have logical thinking on the positive impact of global warming (Magsaysay & Hechanova, 2017). By doing so, the managers will embrace modern methods of eradicating emission of fossil fuels in the surrounding like avoiding burning waste materials and began recycling. Another theory that will inform my project is the cognitive appraisal, which specifies the pathway by which the system variables operate and have an impact on each other (Scharnagl, Scharnagl, & von Wettberg, 2017). This approach assumes that secondary and primary appraisal act as a mediator towards emotional reactions (Weiss, 2018). Coping actions and thoughts depend mainly on secondary appraisals, such as anything that can affect the environment. I believe a change needs adaptation decisions and actions to be employed in dealing and managing the environment (Bolden et al., 2008). Boyatzis and McKee (2005) suggested that cognitive theory assists individuals and organizations in coping with changes regarding the social transformation of global warming in Devonshire County. Lastly, I will use a transactional approach, which offers an interpretation concerning the company's processes of development and change (Steffens et al., 2014). This approach indicates that a conducive environment will require individual disciplinary actions. The theory is vital when highlighting the impacts of the people towards the environment (Toom, & Husu, 2018). For example, the work of the people like cutting down trees, dumping waste into the water bodies, and excessive use of fertilizer (Maibach, 2015). Therefore, I believe these theories of social change will allow me to attain a maximum change in connection to global warming.

The resources

My external resources are, insert global warming company near Exeter University in England, where I want to initiate the social change of global warming. The Devonshire has been experiencing the issue of climate change as a result of industrial pollutants. Many companies are releasing greenhouse gas emissions, which affects the surrounding environment resulting to adverse impacts on global warming (Turner, 2016). Volunteering with Insert global warming organization will help me in addressing the change significantly through working collaboratively, unlike individually (McMichael, 2016). Team working offers encouragement and motivation towards attaining the objectives or goals. Besides, I can contact my colleagues as well as the Television program, students' newspapers or articles at Exeter University to assist me in bringing a social change of global warming in Devonshire. Since we have been working for many years as a group, I believe the team will provide me with moral and financial support towards attaining the change.

I will need various internal resources like time, monetary funding, and my personality. Time is very crucial when it comes to the enhancement of change (Migdal, 2015). Change requires total dedication and commitment. So I should allocate more days in providing training and education to the various organization to embrace measures that reduce global warming adverse impacts (O'Toole, 1995). Also, visiting households in the whole of Devon County will require time allocation because every person will need awareness of environmental control and regulations. So, time is an essential resource that will be necessary to promote change. Also, no change can be adequate with monetary funding since it ranges from travel expenses. I will need money to enhance change more effectively (Van Tulder, Verbeke, & Jankowska, 2019). Offering training and education to various community organizations, different business corporations and individuals will require transportation expenses to reach such clients (Baer & Singer, 2016). The money will also be required to finance the campaigns through media like televisions, radio, magazines, and newspapers as well as campaigns. Finally, my personality is also consistent with my internal resources since it shapes my identity that why I have a great attitude towards changing the world, particularly Devon County, in England. My personality helps in managing resistance, has an appetite for learning more, and influence authority. Hence, my self-awareness assists me to have correct attitudes and feelings about things because I value my society, nation as well as the entire world.

Since every person has weaknesses and strengths, my PDP (personal development portfolio) offered me an opportunity to improve internal communication through contemplating and minding things. My PDP has allowed me to become aware of my weaknesses and strength, thus aiding in developing a beneficial change. The internal resources enable me to become a participatory leader, unlike authoritarian, since I involve everyone in decision making because I understand that is change is teamwork (Pelletier, 2017). Thus, I have great qualities like creativity, intelligence, courage, self-confidence, as well as curiosity and patience, which is well considered as my internal resources.

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