Free Essay Sample on Application of Psychology

Published: 2023-11-25
Free Essay Sample on Application of Psychology
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Applied psychology plays a significant role in society since it enables the public to apply scientific studies in day-to-day life. Most people in the current generation experience psychological torture due to family, social or cultural factors. For instance, there are rising cases of persons with mental disorders in most African countries within the current decade. However, psychologists try their best to determine such complications as stress, appropriate diagnosis, and factors affecting appraisal and coping. Notably, most Hollywood movies have performed better on mental illness matters to create awareness to the public. Therefore, this paper seeks to reflect on psychology's application, impacts of social and cultural diversity, and managing stress.

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Emotions have forced many people's motives towards stress leading to emotional exhaustion and the negative feeling. Notably, stress tends to make the body adaptive to unpleasant changes. These unpleasant changes may have various impacts on one's physical and mental health (Hamilton, 2015). For instance, prolonged stress leads to diabetes, gastric ulcers, and psychological disorders like depression. Most doctors have tried to control pressure and stress in their patients over a long duration. However, the accurate measurement of stress has been a significant threat since people's physiological responses vary (Hamilton, 2015). For example, a normal heartbeat in one individual may be abnormal in the next person; hence treatment of stress has failed. Despite this, psychologists advise the victims to take some precautions to manage stress. These techniques include enhancing good social support, optimism that means expecting positive outcomes, engaging relaxation, and listening to soothing music.


Consequently, there is a significant concern about appraisal and coping with unconducive conditions or stress. Notably, human behaviors seemed to determine one's instincts and motivations or drives toward one's emotions, such as hunger (Blake, 2011). The research shows that one's behavior is mostly tied to the arousal level. For instance, when one is just about to sleep, they would find it difficult to answer even simple questions (Hamilton, 2015). Alongside this, psychologists are much concerned to determine factors that affect appraisal and motivations or emotions drive. These factors include the autonomic nervous system that controls one's conscious activities, social behaviors, and cultural beliefs. Besides, arousal has created many anxiety and fear among many victims leading them to conduct low school and work performances (Blake, 2011). Therefore, this argument indicates how cultural and social activities affect emotional displays. For instance, most human generations have developed emotional tears as a cultural method of indicating emotions.

Subsequently, psychological disorders mostly consist of unusual behaviors or thoughts associated with impairing one's mental health. Notably, Hollywood movies' characters got it right to willingly perform mental health matters to create awareness to the public. For example, a movie character Raymond Babbitt in the movie "Rain man" played a significant role in educating on mental illness (Rain man, 2020). The character indicated all roles a DSM can perform, such as diagnosis and treatment options, determination of disability, and provision of authority diagnosis to insurance companies for financial support during medication (Blake, 2011). Besides, Raymond showed how feelings could interfere with one's ability to function and other harmful feelings. He did these when he tried to harm through his 'brother' Charlie because of gaining financial support from their father's investment.


In conclusion, this paper sought to discuss psychology's application and the impacts of stress on human health. The paper also discussed better solutions to stress and factors that affect appraisal and coping. It also discussed how cultural and social activities might influence public perception. It is also experienced from the movie "Rain man" that feeling may be harmful to one's physical and mental health. Therefore, this article recommends that the public consider stress and mental illness a significant threat and consider controlling them.


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