Free Essay Sample: Efficacy of the New Covid-19 Vaccine

Published: 2024-01-28
Free Essay Sample: Efficacy of the New Covid-19 Vaccine
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Efficacy of the New Covid-19 Vaccine

The new COVID-19 vaccine shows a high percentage of protection according to careful evaluation in the clinical trials. Based on the knowledge of vaccines administered to other diseases, experts are making the public believe that the COVID-19 vaccine will effectively help to keep one from getting seriously ill even if they do not get COVID-19 (Zimmer, 2020). Vaccinating oneself is also a better way to protect the people around you, especially those who are at an increased risk of having severe illness from the disease (Zimmer, 2020).

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The effectiveness of the vaccine, as retrieved from the clinical trials, aims to show whether it can protect an individual from getting sick from COVID-19 (Zimmer, 2020). The vaccine works in that part of the coronavirus’s genetic code gets injected into the body of an individual (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2020). The processes that occur later, including the making of viral proteins, but not particularly the whole virus, hence it is enough to train the immune system to attack. The training is also for the entire body such that it can also make antibodies as well as the other parts of the T-cells that are meant to fight the coronavirus.

I also believe in the efficacy of the new COVID-19 vaccines because they will not only protect the people who get the disease but also those around them. They slow the spread of the virus and contribute mainly to driving down new rates of infection, thus protecting society as a whole. The statistics show that the trial involved 30,000 people in the United States, and the analysis was made on the first 95 people to develop the symptoms of COVID-19 (Gallagher, 2020). Among them, only five of the COVID-19 cases were among the people who were given the vaccines (Gallagher, 2020). This way, the vaccine protects 95% of the people, which is quite a large number compared to those without (Gallagher, 2020).

The Most Effective Manufacturer

Comparing the Moderna and the Pfizer vaccines, there is a difference noted. According to Moderna, there are no significant safety concerns that have been reported with the vaccine. They state that including paracetamol in the injection is also 100% safe (Gallagher, 2020). The only side effects that can be noticed are short-lived fatigue, pain, and a little headache after injection on the patients (Hotez, 2020). However, it argues that such effects are what one would expect from any vaccine that is working and induces an excellent immune response.

The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines all use the same approach to inject the virus's genetic code to provoke an immune response. The percentage of protection for Pfizer is around 90%, while that of Moderna is 95% (Gallagher, 2020). Moderna’s vaccine seems to be easier to store because it is still stable at negative 20 degrees Celsius for almost six months, and it can also be stored in a standard fridge for a month. Pfizer’s vaccine, on the other hand, requires ultra-cold storage at negative 75 degrees Celsius, and it can be stored in the fridge for five days (Gallagher, 2020).

The major issue with these vaccines is that there is abundant evidence to state that people can also get infected with COVID-19 without ever getting the symptoms. This way, it is possible that there is a group of people who can get vaccinated and get infected without realizing it. This way, in the statistics, such cases have not been included, while they may be crucial to note. However, the general COVID-19 vaccine is a great boost to ending the menace, and it will do a great job of stopping the pandemic.


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