Paper Example. Scope of Practice for an APN

Published: 2023-02-27
Paper Example. Scope of Practice for an APN
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All over the world, there has been an increasing need for roles of advanced practice nursing where essential reforms for healthcare and innovation are being developed to create healthcare models that are more sustainable and effective. The International Council of Nurses defines different clinical practices that feature different roles of APN. Determining the APN role types that fit in a country requires that health and health systems are useful for implementation.

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APN Specialty of Interest

Well, trained health providers are valuable in primary care and acute roles as both specialists and generalists. Certified Clinical Nurse Specialists interests me the most in the state I practice. This is because they usually practice across different range care settings and different population segments. These APNs practice in specific medical settings such as ICUs and operating rooms or can focus on diseases such as cancer and diabetes. The primary duties that these APNs perform include teaching, consulting, research, management, and clinical practices.

Areas where APN have Sufficient Practice Authority

APNs have practice authority in the management of financial and regulatory necessities, where they tend to establish practices in different traditional and unreserved areas (Lavin, Harper & Barr, 2015). They also have authority on diverse nursing practices where a wide range of level skills and roles take place in a variety of settings and outreach centers. Different practice settings have enhanced the health of the state with different costs and standards of care-effectiveness.

Areas where Practice Authority can be expanded

The practice authority can be expanded in economic invisibility, which has been underrepresented and excluded in the process of making decisions. APNs have been in a continuation of the participation of developing innovative practices so that the needs of the patients can be met (Parker & Hill, 2017). Another role that needs to be expanded for the APN is the provision of out-patient services that are convenient for all patients in the states.


Advanced Practice Nursing roles have experienced opportunities that advance nursing practices and have been developing globally. The skills that are associated with healthcare understanding and safe practices play a significant function in APN roles. APNs are the primary care providers that fulfill the demands of primary care services.


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