Lab Report Example Based on Cardiovascular/Respiratory Experiment

Published: 2019-11-18
Lab Report Example Based on Cardiovascular/Respiratory Experiment
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Name and Lab Section

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Steps in Scientific Method

The scientific method refers to the series of logical, linked, and reproducible steps that are used by the researcher while undertaking his or her research. It guides the researcher from the start of the research until he or she makes his conclusion (Mancini 16). The steps during the experiment included observing something, through the use of background knowledge and asking relevant questions regarding the issue at hand. Another step was to make initial explanation based on the issue at hand the background knowledge regarding the issue. Furthermore, the other step was to figure out a way whether the initial explanations can adequately explain the observation through the designing of studies and experiments. What is more, the other step was to determine if the explanations given out is correct.

Observation or Question

The cardiovascular and respiratory system in animal and human body perform significant body processes. The cardiovascular processes are important for effective blood circulation while the respiratory system is important for efficient exchange of air in the body cells.


It is assumed that the cardiovascular and respiratory system effectively performs cardiovascular and respiratory functions respectively

It is also assumed that the human beings respiratory and cardiovascular systems need to respond to the delivering of glucose and oxygen to the cells which are in need of more ATP.

Furthermore, it assumed that the food ingested undergo digestion in the animal body and the products of digestion which are the nutrients are distributed throughout the body for functional uses.

What is more, it is assumed that the chemical products produced through the process of digestion are toxic to the body and thus should be eliminated from the body.

The blood vessels transport the blood to various parts of the body.


The experiment tries to answer the questions relating to the cardiovascular and respiratory system. After setting the hypothesis, an experiment will then be undertaken to evaluate whether the set hypotheses are correct. The background knowledge will assist in the setting up of the hypothesis tested during the study. The steps taken are geared towards evaluating if the initial explanation answers the questions of the study. After the data analysis process has been conducted, the results of the study will then be explained.


The study found out that the cardiovascular system is a system that is connected by several vessels and this acts as the network of the body tissues. It contains the heart, which pumps blood through the process of contraction and relaxing to all the parts of the body. After checking, it was found out that when the heart beats, it will be in the position to pump the blood to various parts of the body that require oxygenated blood.

The study also found out that the respiratory forms an important body system as it brings in the oxygenated and clean air which is then distributed to the cells which require it. Furthermore, the respiratory system is also significant because it eliminates the blood which is reached in carbon dioxide from the body cells (Petechuk 45).

Discussion and Conclusion

The experiment is important since it explains the importance of cardiovascular and respiratory system in human body. In animals, the cardiovascular system contains the networks of vessels and the heart (Mancini 23). The blood vessels circulate the oxygenated blood in the body and also takes away the carbon dioxide from the cells of the body. Furthermore, the blood vessels also ensure that the body gets water which is required during the metabolic processes and elimination of the toxic substances from the body. What is more, the respiratory system is significant since it ensures the intake of clean air required in the body and eliminates the contaminated air through the mucous substance.

Next Question In future, it is important to research on how to improve the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

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