Free Essay on the Atheistic Worldview in the Movie Sausage Party

Published: 2022-09-27
Free Essay on the Atheistic Worldview in the Movie Sausage Party
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The movie Sausage Party illustrates atheism as residents of a supermarket line up with the hopes of getting purchased by humans, who are considered to be "gods," then taken to the "Great Beyond." But when they return, some residents claim the "Great Beyond" does not exist. According to the Britannica Encyclopedia, atheism is the critical analysis leading to the denial of believing in the existence of spiritual beings. Moreover, there is a rejection of the general concept of religious practice leading to the idea of the existence of a god to be worshipped and adorned. Therefore, atheists have programmed their minds to denounce any idea of mystical, spiritual creatures controlling life, hence believing things happen without the influence of supernatural factors.

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In Sausage Party, there is the embodiment of non-existence of a superior metaphysical being as Frank, the main protagonist who is the hot dog, finds out the belief system in the store is a mere miscalculated idea, hence wrong and does not portray the reality of the truth awaiting in the outside. In the actual world, the humans who are perceived to be their "gods" are murderous and cruel to their existence. Their hope of going to "The Great Beyond" where they can get the much-needed freedom is a lie as the outside world is dangerous and akin to death. The residents in the supermarket look forward to the day when humans will purchase them and taken to a new life experience which they hope to be better than their current situation. The Shopwell's religion is sedation of the residents which is programmed to keep them in constant awe of getting to have a view of the outside world.

Moreover, the atheistic view illustrated when McBride, Honey-Mustard pot, gets back to the supermarket with a horrific experience from the outside world. McBride emancipates the residents of the supermarket there is no "The Great Beyond" but rather a place of doom awaiting them. The atheistic view is brought about as "The Great Beyond" is characterized by slicing, skinning, baking, boiling, and dicing, among other horrific experiences for the residents.

The atheistic worldview as portrayed in the movie Sausage Party gives out a demonstration that god does not exist, and the promised paradise is an unknown horrific end awaiting the believers. Religion is considered to be a foolish opiate that works to blind the masses from the actual reality on how the system in the universe designed. However, the movie does not exclusively overwrite the existence of an unknown beyond considered to offer freedom, but "The Great Beyond" is a place of torture and full of fearful enemies that are after their lives. Frank, the main protagonist, is an embodiment of modern-day atheists who do not believe the existence of paradise as portrayed by various religious groups that we know, for instance, Christianity and Muslim. Atheists tend to question various facts before them about religion, so is Frank who in most cases questioned the logic about "The Great Beyond" as presented to him. Religious believers never question yet believe everything regarding their preexisting belief system, whereas the atheist is ready to weigh the options presented to them rationally. When the Mustard-Honey pot arrives and begins to give a recount of activities on what transpired, the general masses believing in "The Great Beyond" do not believe these sentiments and uphold the place to be good and offering them the needed freedom. However, Frank is not biased and accepts the imminent danger awaiting them in the outside. The worldview of religious people tends to suffer from conformational bias. The effect explained by the fact people does not regard the possibilities about their religious practices.

The movie illustrates the atheistic view the world masses deeply rooted in their religious practices shun any advice given to them by the atheists. Atheist usually makes a discovery then attempt to explain their logic about the non-existence of spiritual beings to the masses.2 In the movie, Franks goes ahead to announce the great revelation about the non-existence of "The Great Beyond" by the use of the store's PA system. The discovery is of a cookbook which is considered to be strong evidence of the non-existence of "gods" who mean them good. Despite the presence of this hard evidence according to Frank, the believers of the great beyond shunning away from his logic and continue to believe in the unknown. Atheists always find it hard to challenge the already established belief system existing among the masses who are not free-spirited.3 Atheists do have an option to the worldview which firmly convinced it would work in sensitizing people on the absence of metaphysical, spiritual beings; however, they will not gain a following as people always shun their logic, developing an understanding of the universe and our respective places with help in our survival.1 However, the existence of humanity is considered to be a cycle in search for the truth, consequently, unraveling more questions that demand answers.


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