Essay Example on Website Security and Vulnerability Assessment

Published: 2019-08-14
Essay Example on Website Security and Vulnerability Assessment
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Website Security involves the process of securing personal data stored online from illegal access and alteration. It is achieved by enhancing severe policy measures to protect the users' information from being altered by illegal operators. Security threats that conciliate the data stored by the organizations involve the hackers with malicious intentions in the attempt to gain access to sensitive information without the consent of the user (Hovelsrud-Broda & Smit, 2010). Therefore, it is necessary for the website to be secured from these criminal activities. Vulnerability assessment is the process of ascertaining, quantifying and prioritizing the weaknesses in a system. Also, it involves the method for ascertaining the inadequate computer and network securities that may cause technological flaws.

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The difference between software testing and website vulnerability and security assessments?

Software testing is a process that comprises of executing, validating and verifying a program or application with the intention of finding a software virus. It is carried out through two methods which include dynamic and static testing (Singh, 2011). Dynamic testing encompasses program execution while static deals with the investigation of the programs code and related documentation. Moreover, website vulnerability deals with identifying the weaknesses that are involved with the computer and network systems. The security assessment is different from software testing and website vulnerability in that is evaluates and locates the security vulnerabilities and risks. It ensures that necessary security controls are unified to the design and execution of a project.

How would you perform a website vulnerability and security assessment?

Performing a Website Vulnerability and Security assessment is done by ensuring that no assumption is made regarding the people accessing the available network (Hovelsrud-Broda & Smit, 2010). It is achieved by getting the right people involved since it will aid in ensuring smooth testing and project success. Also, using simple tools with the knowledge of how they are implemented such as the web application vulnerability scanner which makes the process of identifying vulnerability natural.

How can you use planned attacks to identify vulnerabilities?

Vulnerability being a weakness in a computer network one can use planned attacks in identifying them. First, one has to understand the typical attacks since they come in myriad ways (Singh, 2011). In most situations the attackers do not even know who they are attacking, but there are instances of networks or companies that are specifically targeted. Learning the different methods used to compromise computers and networks will give you the necessary perspective to proceed in identifying the weaknesses.

How can you spot vulnerabilities in back-end systems and Structured Query Language (SQL) databases?

One can detect vulnerabilities in back- end systems and structured query language databases using the vulnerability scanner. It is used by individuals or organizations to identify security weaknesses in a computer (Gifford, 2013). The process can be accomplished using various types of vulnerability scanners which include a port scanner, network vulnerability scanner, web application vulnerability scanner and the computer worm.

How would you prepare a vulnerability and security assessment report?

In the preparation of vulnerability and Security assessment report, one requires analysing the data collected during the security assessment to identify relevant issues. Also, one needs to prioritize the risks and observations through formulating remediation steps. Document the sections of the report detailing the evaluation methodology and scope and describe your findings and recommendations (Singh, 2011). Create the executive summary to highlight the major conclusions and recommendations and proof-read and edit the document. Later, submit the final report to the intended recipient using agreed-upon secure transfer mechanism and finally converse the reports contents with the recipient on the phone or in person.

Therefore, it is important to protect the website from the hackers to avoid distortion of information which may bring conflict among the users. Moreover, website vulnerabilities and security assessment should be resolved to prevent damages of the computer networks by the bugs.


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