1917 Film Analysis Essay

Published: 2023-04-01
1917 Film Analysis Essay
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The first world war represents part of history that helps to shape the future of many European nations. One element of the war was the relations that existed between different countries during the war. Two nations that were on the opposite sides of the war were the British and the Germans. In the movie 1917, some of the features of the war are portrayed. The movie settings, use of emotional appeal, and twist form some of the unique features incorporated into the theme.

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The movie 1917 has its settings in the early 1900s during the first world war. The movie focuses on two central countries, which were on the opposite sides during the war, which are the British and Germany. The overall setting in the movie could make one view the actual events during the first world war. From the dressing that the actors wore to the weapons and the machines that the individuals used in 1917 makes one view the events of the world war. The producers did an excellent job of trying to portray the events of the first world war. Some aspects of the movie reveal real events of what exactly happened during the war. One issue that the movie reveals is the lack of clear communication devices. The breakdown of the telephone signals makes the British decide to send the message personally.

One key feature that the movie portrays effectively is the use of pathos. The emotional appeal that 1917 uses to connect with the audience is done to effect. Anyone who sees the movie is quickly moved by the hardship that Lance Corporals Tom Blake and Will Schofield go through in their quest to deliver the message to the rest of the British troops. Some of the obstacles that the two faces include going through a no man's land with tripwires and explosive devices, an assault by German soldiers, and many more. Even when Tom Blake dies trying to assist a German pilot, Schofield continues on the mission to deliver the message and faces other obstacles on the way. The movie inflicts some sympathy from the audience and anyone who views the movie by seeing the hardship that the soldiers go through in delivering the message.

The movie has some interesting twist in its plot when Tom Blake, one of the British soldiers, decides to help the German whose plane is shot. Throughout the movie and as it was during the first world war, the Germans and the British were enemies fighting on opposite sides. The soldiers from the two camps were killing each other during the world. The act by the British soldiers to try and help the German pilot displays a twist in the movie that is unexpected to happen. Given the circumstances of the war, one would expect that the British will kill or take the German pilot as a prisoner. The act comes as a surprise to the audience as a different reaction was expected. The unexpected turn of events brings out the excitement in the movie.

In summary, the movie 1917 reveals some facts of World War I. 1917 is based on two soldiers who must deliver a message or risk their fellow troops getting massacred. The use of pathos to appeal emotionally to the audience plays well with the movie settings, which brings out the events during the war. The act of the British soldiers saving the German revealed some unexpected twist in the movie.

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