Free Essay on E-commerce Auction's Clothes

Published: 2023-01-28
Free Essay on E-commerce Auction's Clothes
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A business opportunity to create an electronic commerce company that auctions clothes were considered and as opportunists, the idea and the opportunity were taken into consideration and a company by the name Auctions Clothes Limited was created and located in the United Kingdom in Liverpool city. The main aim of the business is to public sale all types of clothes across the globe. These include the official wear, casual wear, traditional wear, dinner wear, and so many others.

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The company also includes some supplements which go hand in hand with the main products to be in the public sale. The plan is also to include cheap clothes for the lower class buyers who may not afford expensively and also business class people who can buy expensive clothes but which are sold at affordable prices. Modernized clothes which are more advanced are also sold which are so infrequent in other markets, this gives the Auctions Clothes Limited a plus or thumbs up in the market.

The company sells the clothes of all generations, of different designs and different genders; in brief, products of all types are being sold out. Auctions Clothes is a multi-international company which has its assets and branches in different and many nations around the globe which leads to a better supply of goods and it leads to the provision of high-quality services to clients. The company has developed an application which gives liberty to the clients to pick goods with a good discount of legit goods of a large variety according to all specifications needed by them.

The application is well-programmed to serve the Clients sufficiently according to all their needs. Whenever there are flash sales in the store and there are many users or buyers who are crowded in the store, there are no complications such as jamming, hanging or application failure because of the number of users at the moment. Whenever there are very good deals everybody gets a chance to shop and look out to whatever they need or want without any problems from the servers and application failures. The Company provides a fully active Support team to serve you no matter where you are or whichever case you have, they are always there for the customers.

The market analysis favor this company's progress in a lot of ways since, many of the factors which are supposed to be considered when starting a company of this kind have been taken under serious and cautious considerations, since business analysists have been employed to analyze all the strategies taken to ascertain that the business will run very well and smoothly and that it will be ready and able to face the challenges following it all along.

The market size is so large and available since according to the generation at this time most of the people prefer doing business and purchasing items online where they select the items very well with liberty and according to how they like it in their way or choice. It is not like the past where people went to buy clothes in boutiques or any other place to buy the clothes and then then they have to go round looking for the best choice. According to the strategies that this company has developed, varieties of clothes are in the store all that is needed is for the client to select their best option or taste and once they've placed an order or placed an item in the cart, they can still cancel the order at any time before a certain period of time to avoid any inconveniences at the time of delivery.

The company also has a plan to extend its assets to many countries in the world and to make it a multi-international company which will increase the marketability of its products. The company has all the trendy fashions since it goes hand in hand with the latest fashions to avoid any lags and increase the marketability, growth rate, cost structure, and profitability. This is done because according to the statistics done across the globe, the youths are the most active folks who buy a lot of clothes following the fashion and they don't like being lagged behind, so this assures us that when we invest so much in what pleases them so much we'll get a high growth rate, high profits, and availability of markets. Although this is being done, the older generations are not left out since everything is in the clothes store.

The products that the company sells are self-marketable since they are of very high quality and most of the people around the world have been pleased a lot by them since they are appealing to all eyes. Variety of companies have availed themselves to support us, fund and invest in us like the Safaricom Company, Arizona milk products Company and the Yogo Yogo Company. Companies have a lot of hope and faith in our products, business, and our strategies. Each Company has invested a lot of money on our products because of their quality. This has increased our chance to shine with our products and show our capabilities and transform the world in the fashion department. In the fore coming future, we believe that our Company will have grown so much and have stiff competition and surpass other Companies, which are part of our goals.

The most important part of a business plan is market analysis. This is the most vital part since even with the best business plan there a lot of need to have a market analysis to depict the proficiency in the precise market and enticement of the business market from an economic overview. Factors like Market size, growth rate, trends, profitability, factors of success, distribution channels and cost of industry structure assist us in the market we operate in a better way.

The Company stated in this essay should be created because it shows a lot of hope and it may succeed a lot when started especially because of the market analysis stated above. This is a really promising type of business only if one is serious enough and ready and willing to invest in it and devote one's entire self to the business opportunity. Any business person would find enough funds to invest and start this business because the probability of marketability and profitability is very high according to the statistics. With this research, any serious business person would invest a lot and make a lot of money and also make lots of changes in today's fashion if the business person has a lot of commitment to the business and more good ideas to improve the business.


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