Free Essay on a New Toy by Acme Toy Company

Published: 2022-05-25 21:34:17
Free Essay on a New Toy by Acme Toy Company
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The recovering economy presents a good growth opportunity for companies. Ten years after the recession, things are looking good for most American companies. This also presents the companies with an opportunity to explore new ideas. The focus of this essay is on Acme Toy Company. As a conventional toy store, Acme toys seem to be lagging behind regarding innovation. In the 21st century, there is a need for companies to embrace technology. The purpose of this paper is to convince Acme Toy Company to manufacture a new toy design that will give Acme Toy Company a good future.

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The new toy is a school bus which features a display screen on its sides. The screen should allow interaction through touch. They should also include a touch pen that can be used to write on the side screen. The children use the pen to write on the display screen on the side of the toy school bus. The screen should also be customized to display certain images that are kids friendly. The bus should run on rechargeable batteries. The rest of the bus should resemble a typical school bus. Much emphasis is placed on the interior items. Effort should go into ensuring the bus resembles a real-life school bus. This means installing clear windows that allow the interior items to be viewed from inside. The rechargeable batteries will also be used to enable the bus to move. The toy bus will be controlled using a remote. The remote working distance should be up to 100 meters.

The company has spent some a few years without producing a new toy into the market. The current toys manufactured by the company are fast becoming outdated. The company is lagging behind regarding innovation. The competition is increasingly finding new ways of capturing the attention of parents and children alike. The current crop of toys are ones that are geared towards encouraging creativity on the part of children. The current toys being produced by Acme Toy Company fail to do that. Technology has been a major part of this innovation in the children toy industry. It, therefore, makes sense for the company to try this design as a way of creating a new wave of innovation in the company.

The current generation appreciates technology more than any other generation in history. The current average age for owning a smartphone in America is ten years. The majority of the toys produced in the industry include some form of electronic device (Kleif, 23). Whether it is a remote control or some form touch screen device, toy companies are embracing technology. They are integrating technological innovations into their toys. It is time Acme Toy Company to follow suit.

Children are demanding for toys that enable them to interact with it. This is why most toys have some form of technological gadgets within them (Goldstein, 3043). The gadgets enabled the children to interact with it. The new design is remotely controlled which means instead of children having to push the toy along the ground; they can control it. The new toy design offers feedback to the user. Certain activities such as pushing a joystick push the car forward or backward. This is one example of how the toy allows interaction.

The second example is the screen. Through the remote control, the user can manipulate the images that are displayed on the side of the toy. This allows the user to customize the appearance of the toy as per there preference. This also boosts the child to be creative (Gee, 15). The images chosen by the child for display at the side of the toy bus encourage the child to come with something new or replicate what they have seen somewhere else. The screen also enables the child write the name of their favorite school on the screen. This means they can name the bus after their school or any other character. The toy should specifically be a school bus because most children in America are familiar with school buses. Unlike public transport which may be strange to some other children who have never used it. The pen was chosen as the mode of interaction with the screen because of the ease of writing. It is easier to write using a pen as compared to writing using fingers. It also means that the screen will not be fully touchscreen. This will make it cheaper to manufacture the pen.

The new toy is likely to be more expensive than the other toys produced by the company. But this is a good time to implement a new toy design. The state of the economy means that many parents can afford to spend a substantial amount on children toys. The toy will be reasonably priced hence allowing the company to establish a good profit margin.

It is time Acme Toy Company introduce a new innovative product into the market. If Acme Toy Company is to have a future in the toy market, they need to embrace this new toy design. It will allow them to penetrate the new toy market that is technology centered. The design is innovative and reasonably priced. Hence it will increase the company's sales considerably.

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