Essay Sample on New Approach to Renewable Energy in Urban Areas

Published: 2023-03-12
Essay Sample on New Approach to Renewable Energy in Urban Areas
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Urban life enjoys much of the benefits coming out of the beauty brought out by the greenish layers as well as the urban parks. Scholars amicably agreed that the use of various environmental products could advance the aesthetic part of the city. Water and plants, which are valuable in the day to the life of living and non-living organism, works best in conserving the nature of the city in various circumstances. Their primary assistance to urban life includes climate stability, air conservation, water filtration as well as sound or noise purification.

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The current urban setup, especially in the modernized and advanced towns, considers a reduction in the use of energy in various areas like homes as well as infrastructures. This is carried out through technological advances such as the use of thermal cells as water heaters, wind turbines, photovoltaic cells, new principles applicable in green housings, and any other preferable renewable techniques. Two categorical ideas are behind the reason for participating in this renewable energy plans: one is to avoid wastage of energy and to involve a more proficient method of energy use; two is to train the incoming park tourists to help them understand the importance of the use of sustainable and renewable energy for an enhanced development in the city.

As the study was aiming, urban parks have expressed their taste in providing environmentally friendly parks that could be enjoyed by all the visitors attending to it by putting more force on environment personnel with enthusiastic minds to serve the environment needs. Considering the diverse ways of creating and protecting energy as well as ways in which this new means could help in conserving the environment. This is done following the current energy production systems, such as the use of fossils. This is done targeting more advancement in the energy sector and influences the world in general over the importance of the use of renewable energy sources besides employing its usage over other energy sources.

Uses of renewable energy techniques have influenced different sectors, such as the processing and manufacturing industries. An example is Niloufar Park in Iran that enjoys its immense investment in solar energy. Its house is well equipped with solar panels to help absorb heat energy over the day and accumulatively use it both day and night. The power could be used in various ways such as park lighting, cooling, building different sectors of the park, street lighting, among other services. Such factors effectively help in achieving the city's development plans and goals.

The result of this research indicated that renewable energy proves fundamentally in the developed states as far as investment and economic advancement are concerned. Its usage shows friendly to the environment; hence, multiple users might find it better over other energy sources. It also found out that the use of solar energy involves an efficient solar and wind power at all times of the year. They recommended the use of these renewable sources in countries like Iran, considering its hot climatic pattern, to help serving its urban areas.

Another recommendation is the involvement of new techniques such as the use of energy in an efficient manner, controlled greenhouse gas emission, restricted climate patterns alongside the use of renewable energy methods. Enhanced methods employed while using these renewable energy elements will improvise and promote the city's environment as well as its landscape formation. Developing urban parks in this line will tend to grow a world of green future.


Asl, S. R., Ghia, M. M. & Hakimizad, S. (2015). A Review on the Design Approaches Using Renewable Energies in Urban Parks. International Journal of Renewable Energy Research, Vol.5, No.3

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